Wholesale womens blazers

Blazers – single or double-breasted?

Blazers are versatile semi-formal tops that can be worn casually, serving as a neat light-weight jacket or a fairly conservative business top. Wholesale womens blazers are very popular among the store owners. You can wear a blazer for any kind of a casual outing, for the office or as outerwear if it’s colder. In general, however, some blazers just seem more formal there are two main criteria of blazers formality:  the number of buttons and whether the blazers are single, or double breasted.

Wholesale womens blazersA lot of blazers I keep seeing have a single button. These are the most complex for ladies to wear – since each woman is built differently. Why is that? Well, this single button should be placed at the thinnest part of your waistline. But for every woman, this thinnest place falls in a different spot! Therefore, few pre-made blazers will fit your body. It’s best to have your blazer fitted rather than rely on wholesale womens blazers randomly fitting you. Well-fitted blazer will accentuate your curves, but it can also showcase your bulges.

I’d recommend going with the two-button blazers. Their buttons do not lie directly at the waist and so the blazer might look more natural on you. There are also three-button blazers, which look very professional, but aren’t as flattering. This style works best for the taller women, who can risk putting more emphasis at the torso.

Suit jackets (including wholesale womens blazers) can be single- or double-breasted. A single-breasted blazer has only one row of buttons. This style is more common and it makes the jacket look more casual. Double-breasted blazers look more professional – the “flap” is wider, overlapping with two rows of buttons. Especially if you have a flat stomach this blazer will make you look more athletic and draw more attention to your build.


wholesale leggings

Moms – get leggings for your kids!

As a busy mom, you’re probably running around with too many errands and too little time. We’ve all been there. It’s always easy to lose track of the time, particularly when the winter days are so short. Before you know it, it’s your child’s bedtime and you aren’t ready for it. Now, if you had put on their favorite leggings, you’d be all set, no more worry. These wholesale leggings on the market are not only mom-friendly, but they’re definitely “in.” Combining both comfort and style, it’s easy to see why.

wholesale leggingsYou’ll want leg warmers that are lightweight and comfortable and style is also a big plus. Fortunately, the Internet allows you the advantage of comparing various products and styles, from the convenience of your own home. You can visit various stores, and compare the offer of producers of wholesale leggings. If you approach it rationally, it’s easy to find fitting, easy to use leggings at reasonable prices.

So, what’s so great about infant wholesale leggings and why are they becoming such a big hit with moms (and babies)? Obviously, they keep baby legs warm and protected from the elements, especially when in strollers and car seats. They also protect soft knees against rug burns and scratches during play time. They also provide lightweight protection against the sun in summer and aid in potty training and diaper changing. In short, they are a stylish alternative and enhancement for any outfit and they are comfortable for infants to sleep in.

Wholesale leggings for children are made from the lightweight and comfortable material that is stretchable and breathable. The leggings are soft and will likely become your child’s favorite clothing item, with the colors and styles enhancing their cuteness. You should plan on buying an extra pair or two, as these babyleggings will soon prove their value and indispensability.


scarves wholesale

Green scarves – perfect for the winter season?

A warm cashmere or pashmina shawl is a great choice during the winter season. First of all, a pashmina shawl is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that anyone could have. The high quality of the material itself is already something to be greatly admired, and thus it is promoted by the producers of scarves wholesale. When you have these factors, you know that it is one of the best accessories ever made. Not only do they give the best warmth and comfort but it can also give you a touch of class and elegance due to its high product quality. Aside from that, they also give a stylish take on your ensemble.

scarves wholesaleNot only is it a moss green a very festive color but it is also very much in the spirit of the Christmas season. This year, try playing around with a green scarf. It is basically just like your regular green shawl except it is a bit warmer in shade. Scarves wholesale that are in color green and red not only set the mood for the holiday spirit to kick in but they look really good in contrast to the pale or dark color palettes that people usually go for amid the gloomy background of the season.

Wearing a pashmina shawl during the winter season is a really smart idea. It will keep you war while at the same time it gives you the stylish touch. Cashmere is a great choice, since it is warm and elegant. Dressing up for the cold months is all about warmth and comfort. However, that does not mean that you have to forget about style entirely. That is why pashmina scarves wholesale can give you the best of both worlds without giving you much of a hassle.  Try something new and instead of sticking with your usual black and whites, go for a moss green pashmina shawl.


tracksuits wholesale

Why I love velour tracksuits

We all love wearing ladies tracksuits – they’re lightweight, fashionable and fun. The stores are full of tracksuits wholesale, and you can get brand-name tracksuits easily.  What I seem to find fun is that you can mix tracksuit bottoms and tops. However, you need to know when and where to wear it, This is, after all, a casual outfit, and so you want to avoid trying to wear it into nicer establishments or on occasions where you really need to be more dressed up. For instance, image you’re showing up to your friend’s birthday party in a ladies’ tracksuit while everyone else is dressed up… Does it look very flattering?

tracksuits wholesaleAnd speaking of styling your tracksuit, let’s mention makeup for a while. In general, keep it light, maybe limit yourself to a lipstick application. Think about it: ladies velour tracksuits are essentially activewear fit for the gym that has been translated into a casual fashion trend. Any producer of tracksuits wholesale knows that.

In fact, if you wear a lot of makeup, it gives you a very unrealistic look that will clashes strongly with the laid-back, casual nature of the tracksuit itself. A natural, lovely face draws the eye to the unique features and appearance, but if you can’t live without a bit of makeup, aim for simplicity at all times. A good blush or a touch of lip color can turn very useful, especially when the blush is kept very light to draw the attention to the lips.

In short, ladies tracksuits, especially velour ones, are great news for women everywhere that are looking for more casual options. There’s always going to be times where getting dressed up is practically a must, but until that time comes, ladies tracksuits wholesale will always be sold out there to help you look fashionable and casual all at the same time.

wholesale womens trousers

How can you jazz up your wardrobe?

If you are looking for that next piece to jazz up your wardrobe then wholesale womens trousers are exactly what you need. I am totally in love with pantsuits and trousers, they look great for any occasion. Whether it is for work or for weddings, the classic pantsuit is appropriate for each event. This is the perfect outfit to try on when you are just sick and tired of putting on the same old little black dress, especially if you happen to be plus sized. This fashion trend is highly popular in the United States, and it’s getting more and more popular in Europe.

wholesale womens trousersI personally believe that the best part about a good suit is that it can take me from day to night. I wear wholesale womens trousers with long jackets during the day and add a few accessories after work so that I am ready for dinner and drinks with my friends. I love to dress up but I also like to be comfortable and with elegant wholesale womens trousers I get the best of both worlds. This would be a great addition to anyone’s closet, young or old.

When I first began shopping for pant suits, I was actually baffled by the selection available. On my favorite website, I’ve found over 50 different variations of wholesale womens trousers – not all of them black or beige suits. There are all the colors of the rainbow, and I can mix the trousers with blazers or jackets to keep up!

Have you ever been invited to an event or a party and you just did not feel like going because you didn’t feel beautiful? I have had many nights like that. Thankfully, pants for women can make them look and feel better. They accentuate our curves and are easy to throw on when you need to be somewhere important. Gone are the days where it was a necessity to be in a skirt or a dress for formal events.

When I bought my suit with trousers, I looked for the most recent styles. However pantsuits are timeless, so you can hunt for them in outlets or thrift stores. Indeed new pantsuits can be very costly, so I would suggest checking out what is on sale before paying full price. I found mine at a local department store.

wholesale scarfs

Ways to Wear and Style a Scarf

A scarf is full of opportunities. Now, we all know that most people simply tie their long wholesale scarfs around their necks, or wrap them once and toss the ends to the back. Sure, winter scarfs are a bit more difficult to style, but there are many options when it comes to styling a long, lightweight scarf. They have the added bonus – they look great when properly styled and you can layer them up if necessary.

wholesale scarfsThe most popular and widely seen way to wear a scarf is to simply tie a knot around your neck. There are a couple of generic scarf knots: you can double it up, create a loop at one end with both the long ends hanging free and pulling the ends through the loop around the neck. You can style an infinity loop, which can be made by putting the scarf around the neck, tying the ends together to create a circle and then looping it around your neck.

Long scarves can also make beautiful belts. If you want to underline your waist, use a long scarf as a belt over a pair of trousers or a dress. Pick the scarf around your waist or hips, and tie the ends of the scarf – you can slide the tie to the side for greater effect. If you want a cute bow, get one!

And wholesale scarfs work great if you are now struggling with a bad hair day. Tie one around the head like a headband! The ends can dangle down your back or over your shoulder. You can also style it as a headscarf or as a head wrap if you fold it into a line. It’s the perfect solution to a bad hair day which can add some spiciness and a bohemian sense to the look of the outfit.


wholesale women boots

Big heavy biker boots!

We all love the “riot grrl” look. And nothing matches the leather pants as well as the big heavy biker boots. Few fashion designers offer these wholesale women boots but they are readily available – just not in the fashion stores! We all know that women’s biker boots were originally designed to provide safety while riding motorcycles. These wholesale women boots are usually made of heavy, durable leather which will support the feet and ankle, and protect them from any scratches and scrapes.

Even though they’re not that much of a fashion accessory, more and more designers sell wholesale women boots patterned on the biker boots. They add the edgy, fashionable look to any wardrobe. Many such boots have straps, buckles, and zippers – sometimes it’s practical, other times it serves as an embellishment. Often these boots can be, as intended, worn for safety while riding a motorcycle. But, of course, they are now very fashionable. If you want this biker style, you can achieve a fashionable look combined with the protection of your legs! They can be made of heavy duty leather or other synthetic fabrics and they can have embellishments such as straps, studs, buckles, and chains.

wholesale women bootsOften biker boots are made for protection purposes, and so they should have a very low heel. “Real” biker boots are seen as flat, but some fashionable biker boots can have a heel as high as 12 centimeters! There are even stiletto biker boots!

A fabulous way to handle biker boots is to pair them with a soft woolen cardigan or pullover over solid-colored leggings. I personally think I can even wear biker boots to work – they can even be seen as business casual. If they’re paired with nice dark tights,  a pencil skirt, and a button-down blouse to add an edgy and stylish look to any professional outfit.

mens wholesale jeans

The holy symbol of the USA – mens wholesale jeans

Jeans are the symbol of United States of America, perhaps even more recognizable than baseball and football. After all, who outside the US cares about baseball? Jeans are often seen as blue, the characteristic indigo hue comes from the Indigo bush plantations in India. Most mens wholesale jeans on the market are blue. But the 19th century created denim thanks to synthetic dyes, cheap cotton fabric from Nimes, and in the 1871 Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss patented the riveted trousers. The jeans were durable and tough, and so farmers, miners or cowboys immediately pounced on it. Initially, they were work trousers, but after WWII America began to export them and they changed into a recognized fashion item for the normal consumer.

mens wholesale jeansThe teens all over the world fell in love with the jeans and other fits of mens wholesale jeans like tapered, slim, straight, boot cut, narrow bottom, low waist, and relaxed fit were introduced. Today, jeans sales are a multi-billion dollar industry.

Skinny or fitted, raw or bleached, denim is a fashion staple worn around the world. Versatile and beautiful, encountered in many runway collections, mens wholesale jeans have been constantly updated and recreated. They won’t stop being the fashion trends of the current age. With a great variety of vintage and new designer jeans in various online shops, buying mens wholesale jeans is a great solution for all your shopping needs.

Thanks to designers like Calvin Klein and Gap you have plenty of options whenever you want to shop for jeans for men. When looking for jeans, consider when and where you want to wear them. Some designers offer elegant dress jeans that can work for office or more formal occasions, while others present affordable jeans for men you can wear during these lazy weekends spent playing American football.

Ultimately, what we all love about jeans in and outside America is the comfort, way more important than appearance and style.

womens wholesale playsuits

Where do the playsuits and rompers come from

We all love rompers and playsuits. They’re fun, versatile and very comfortable. No wonder that stores are full of womens wholesale playsuits. But what exactly are these versatile garments?

Well, this single-piece  “romper” was invented at the turn of the century (approximately 1910). As the name implies, it was something children wore, to serve as a “playsuit” during playing outdoors. The fashion at that time was to base other clothes on adult wear, often young children were suited up like small versions of their parents. The romper was flexible, durable and lightweight, and it allowed children to get dirty once in a while. And so, today, “Romper” and “playsuit” are thus interchangeable names for what’s essentially a one-piece garment with shorts or pants instead of a skirt.

womens wholesale playsuitsAs for the jumpsuit, it was the nickname for the women’s utility suit worn during World War II in the Great Britain. Since men went to fight the war, women went to work. They typically wore utility suits on assembly lines. A jumpsuit was similar to a paratrooper’s outfit, it offered a good combo measure of modesty and practical comfort, and it was designed with pockets for holding the tools of their regular jobs.

And this was of course time of the Blitz. When the London’s sirens went off alerting the city’s residents to potential bombs from enemy aircraft, women discovered that it was easier to literally “jump” into the shelters when you wore a jumpsuit. But, as implied,  Also, soldiers wore a similar style of clothing when jumping from planes.

Whatever the name – romper, playsuit or jumpsuit – vintage one-pieces are highly fashionable these days. Stores offer numerous womens wholesale playsuits, of all cuts, colors, designs, and materials. You can easily find your favorite piece to wear – now when you know its history!


wholesale trousers

Dressing up for job interview

We all need to be prepared for the forthcoming job interviews. We might not like it, but our reception relies on our gender and appearance. The general expectations of attire are naturally quite different between men and women, and so there are some concerns women must face in particular. Often in many workplaces, short skirts are frowned upon, so you should opt for a loose dress, wholesale trousers, or a longer skirt. At work, you should also avoid wearing fishnet stockings, or patterned hosiery. The simple option is neutral color hosiery matching the dress or skirt worn.

wholesale trousersRemember that the heavy makeup and long painted fingernails are usually a bad idea. Instead, keep in mind this is a job interview, not a beauty pageant. Avoid overloading on perfumes or other scents, they can’t conduct an interview if they can barely breathe!

Remember to dress simply in conservative style – a formal pair of business wholesale trousers coupled with a crisp cotton blouse and blazer will make the interviewer consider you to be taken seriously.

And if you’re a man, you also need to make a great first impression, and the right appearance will doubtlessly help it. Men, in general, make some basic fashion errors that send a negative message to the interviewer. A classic error is mismatched socks or a belt that will clash with the shoes and socks. Speaking of shoes, pick loafers or oxfords, not sneakers, hiking boots, sandals.

Like with the ladies, stay conservative. Remember that your clothes might be in various colors, but they need to be fitted. Wholesale trousers that are too baggy, too tight, or too short will only look unprofessional. Pick a nice pair of casual dress trousers that are tailored and form fitting. Never cone to your interview wearing jeans – dark trousers are okay, but never blue ones.