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Beautiful Flamenco Dress, Part Two

Many dresses like this one are inspired by flamenco styleFlamenco dresses, also known as Spanish-style dresses are very important in both fashion industry and traditional Spanish culture. They are seen as very beautiful, seen as desirable by many, and even though they suit all sizes, they are almost invariably very expensive. True flamenco dress is made to order and can take weeks to make. Designing the fashionable flamenco dress is not only a traditional Spanish form of art – it’s also a very profitable business, raking in millions of euros every year. Famous brands have designed wonderful pieces but there are, of course, hundreds of Spanish designers producing wonderful dresses.

Woman dancing FlamencoAnd the proper flamenco dress requires not just the dress itself. Spanish style dress is called the flamenco dress also because the silhouette of the woman resembles the guitar. And the long neck of the guitar suggests a certain hairstyle. Flamenco is an active dance, and because of all this, hair of the dancer is swept up and tied in a type of bun, perhaps with a hair comb with a motif of hair. These hair combs have often been in the family for ages, and they could be handed down from mother to daughter, as a sort of family legacy. This is a very Spanish custom since Spaniards love to blend the old legacy of their families with rapidly changing fashions. A flower in hair is often worn to match the dress, sometimes higher, sometimes near the neck. And of course, since hair is tied up, every woman wants to dazzle the onlookers with the ear-rings. For many, the earrings must be the “gypsy-style”, large, round, garish and golden, but other jewelry matches the Spanish-style dress as well. And of course, a woman could wear sharp make-up and a matching necklace.

The penultimate piece of the accessories for the Spanish-style dress is the abanico or the fan. It’s hard to imagine the flamenco dance without the flirtatious flutter of the fan, and smoldering gaze from behind it. These fans can be also family heirlooms, complementing the unique style of the dress. Flamenco dress also requires the so-called flamenco heels. Often these shoes have special nails embedded in the sole, to create the tapping sound. Of course, if you aren’t a professional flamenco performer, and just want to look good, you can find Spanish style dress wholesale and just enjoy the fashion!

Tips for shopping for plus-size ladies

Plus sized ladies can pick a variety of clothesIt can be hard for ladies wearing plus size clothes to discover clothes that are as fashionable and flattering as they deserve. Luckily, brand designers and their companies these days are discovering the untapped potential of the plus size market and finally making attractive clothes for females who prefer a larger size. These voluptuous ladies still have to search for their clothes a little harder than the more petite women, however, and should consider more factors if they want to buy quality, well-made clothes.

Learn your measurements

First, you must know your real measurements, not guesses, estimates nor sizes. What’s size XL, XXL, can vary between countries and companies, especially for women. Even if you consider the same brand, many different styles of clothes will use different size measurements – an XXL blazer might be smaller than a shirt! If you know your exact measurements, you can shop online for your preferable clothes and use the measurements provided to find something that really fits. Use a standard tape measure, and if you live in the US, convert these to centimeters as well. Write down your measurements for future use. This will make shopping easier in the future.

Consider alternatives

You aren't limited to a plus-size tracksuit if you are chubbySecond, check out the independent plus size clothing brands, in particular, the online ones, or ones near you. Many large retailers have a section for plus size clothes, but they are just a small part of their offer and these clothes seem very frumpy by comparison. If you want a more youthful look, consider smaller boutiques that specialize in modern plus size garments. You can find some fantastic things in these shops, although they are also usually more expensive. I’d say you could find at least one good outfit there, and build accessories elsewhere to get the most bang for your buck.

Finally, especially if you have plus size friends you can buy cheap dresses wholesale. For example, if you’re looking for bodycon dresses wholesale, you can visit Similarly, you can easily find plus size dresses, costumes, and athletic wear online.

Plus size clothes don’t have to be dowdy or plain. Famous fashion designers now recognize the significance of this emerging market and are constantly creating beautiful new plus size options. Take your measurements and use them to shop in boutique stores and online shops to find the best clothes.

How to deal with expanding bustline!

clothing-1480152_1920All moms have been through it – and me in particular! During the pregnancy, our bustline expands. Our baby will have to eat, after all! It will actually enlarge – and permanently, to some extent! That’s the sign of maturity!

Many women are proud of their large cleavage – but many more are somewhat embarrassed by it, and find it difficult to find clothes that either match their large chest or fit their other great wear. If you’re in this situation, consider dresses with A-line or perhaps fit and flared skirts which will balance out your ample cleavage. Look for dresses made from sturdy fabrics, fitted through the chest. Stretchy fabrics are great because they fit a greater range of body shapes.

Well-endowed women should, of course, focus on their tops first. Avoid large, bulky tops that feel boxy, and horizontal stripes – not to mention both at once. Find a top that manages to hang straight down from your chest, without creating a “mushroom” silhouette, since you don’t want your upper body to billow out. If it’s cropped, your entire look will look more proportionate. Avoid wearing round neck tops, try wearing V-shaped ones or more open.

Lighter colors don’t match the busty top very well, and if you decide on darker hues you should consider how sheer or see through they should be. In winter, you should pick knitwear – wrap shirt or a sweater, and underneath you can wear a camisole or a tank top to protect your cleavage. Knit fabrics look softer and will adjust to your bust line, unlike woven fabrics which will look stretched. Avoid buttoned-up shirts or blouses – they will look uncomfortable and ugly, and can even create a “gap”.


If your top shouldn’t be too baggy or boxy, your bottom could be – it could help balance out your large upper body, with this loose, somewhat baggy silhouette. You can pick out boyfriend jeans or even baggy sweatpants to wear them low on your hips and be able to tuck a T-shirt in this thick fabric. Again, you want to balance your chest without it being too clingy. In summer, you can try breathable cotton half-shorts.

What is a flamenco dress? Part One

A flamenco dancerA Spanish style dress also known as a flamenco dress is not just any dress coming from Spain. It’s based on Spanish national and regional styles – each region of Spain has its own specific customs, characteristics, and quirks. Some of them have their own language or dialect. A traditional Spanish-style dress comes from the region of Andalusia, one of 17 regions making up Spain. Five of its eight provinces border the Mediterranean Sea, and thus Andalusia is blessed with benign temperature, enjoying high temperatures, especially in the summer months. And thus the lightweight flamenco dress that enhances the female body to the full is also derived from Andalusia.

A guitar playerToday the Spanish flamenco dress is seen as very fashionable and acclaimed world wide, copied by famous fashion designers. But it has very humble origins. It has evolved over the years from the costume of simple farmer women or Gypsies in Andalusia. They would wear long Spanish-style dresses and skirts with frills and ruffles which would be covered by aprons during the work in the fields. This style was not only very comfortable but also showed off the feminine figure. Many women wore the dress in this style to famous cattle fairs, ad eventually upper-class women copied this style since at the time the style was very conservative and modest. This tight waistline and frills were embraced by the aristocrats, and in early twentieth century, it became the national dress of Spain. This style has been not just called the “Spanish style dress”, or flamenco – and many people think it’s not just because it was invented to dance the famous flamenco. It has also been called “guitar-style” because a woman in this style of dress is as curvy as a guitar. And of course, the guitar is also a Spanish invention, probably also coming from Andalusia!