Beautiful Flamenco Dress, Part Two

Many dresses like this one are inspired by flamenco styleFlamenco dresses, also known as Spanish-style dresses are very important in both fashion industry and traditional Spanish culture. They are seen as very beautiful, seen as desirable by many, and even though they suit all sizes, they are almost invariably very expensive. True flamenco dress is made to order and can take weeks to make. Designing the fashionable flamenco dress is not only a traditional Spanish form of art – it’s also a very profitable business, raking in millions of euros every year. Famous brands have designed wonderful pieces but there are, of course, hundreds of Spanish designers producing wonderful dresses.

Woman dancing FlamencoAnd the proper flamenco dress requires not just the dress itself. Spanish style dress is called the flamenco dress also because the silhouette of the woman resembles the guitar. And the long neck of the guitar suggests a certain hairstyle. Flamenco is an active dance, and because of all this, hair of the dancer is swept up and tied in a type of bun, perhaps with a hair comb with a motif of hair. These hair combs have often been in the family for ages, and they could be handed down from mother to daughter, as a sort of family legacy. This is a very Spanish custom since Spaniards love to blend the old legacy of their families with rapidly changing fashions. A flower in hair is often worn to match the dress, sometimes higher, sometimes near the neck. And of course, since hair is tied up, every woman wants to dazzle the onlookers with the ear-rings. For many, the earrings must be the “gypsy-style”, large, round, garish and golden, but other jewelry matches the Spanish-style dress as well. And of course, a woman could wear sharp make-up and a matching necklace.

The penultimate piece of the accessories for the Spanish-style dress is the abanico or the fan. It’s hard to imagine the flamenco dance without the flirtatious flutter of the fan, and smoldering gaze from behind it. These fans can be also family heirlooms, complementing the unique style of the dress. Flamenco dress also requires the so-called flamenco heels. Often these shoes have special nails embedded in the sole, to create the tapping sound. Of course, if you aren’t a professional flamenco performer, and just want to look good, you can find Spanish style dress wholesale and just enjoy the fashion!

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