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Why wear white in winter wonderland

wholesale blousesIn America, there’s a saying “Never wear white after Labor Day” – which in the USA means early September. White is indeed a difficult color to wear but you can handle it. Some women manage to look stunning in an all-white outfit, not only at their wedding. You can use it to soften your look, to look more daring… your options are endless, also during the winter. Stores buy white clothes of all sorts – wholesale blouses, pants, dresses…

White is the color that reflects sun rays and the heat the most. This makes it most appropriate color for summer dresses. The bright sun will give your sun the perfect glow, and your white clothes will sparkle even more. Pick white linen or cotton dresses for the summer time, you can even try white blazers or wholesale blouses.

Wool or even cashmere can also be dyed white, and they will be great for winter, especially if contrasting with dark pieces. Thick white jeans or a warm white parka work great in wintertime, but if the winter is snowy, you will look a bit confusing.

wholesale blousesYou can decide to wear a monochromatic outfit. That’s fine, but at least try to vary it up, using various materials and decorations – shiny white silken shirt could look better with white leather pants. Vary it up with embroidery, patterns and textures. You can also vary it up with bold prints – your outfit will still be mostly white and pristine, but the pattern will vary it up and add a splash. Use metallic accessories to appear more sleek and subtle as well. And a single splash of color can radically change the monochromatic look – a red scarf or belt will change the white dress into a modern outfit.

You can also layer white for great contrast with the outfit, like dark shoes and tops with a pair of white jeans. Or maybe you want to add some neutral colors, like grays or peach – they won’t break the white feel.

Get your wife a Christmas gift

wholesale panties seamlessChristmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. And the time for Christmas shopping is coming sooner and sooner. I personally buy gifts for a lot of my friends earlier, just to save some money and to lighten the load on the postal service. And I suspect that a lot of my reader are ladies who expect a sexy gift of lingerie on the Christmas day. But this blog post is directed to guys who want to buy some lingerie for their girlfriend and wife! You don’t have to shell out money for wholesale panties seamless or otherwise.

Decide where will you buy it. Your major concern should be return policy. I know that men can be nervous when shopping in retail lingerie stores – and the ability to look at the goods is useless. And that’s because men aren’t familiar with retail or wholesale panties seamless. That’s why online stores are a better way to buy lingerie.

Ask your girlfriend for her measurement. Do it before Christmas, don’t be a dumb-dumb and rifle through her things. Don’t also just ask for size, because all manufacturers have different rules fo sizing. Ask for her cup size at the very least.

Choose a style. You might want to buy her something sexy, but there are many styles. Some sexy underwear involves lace, satin or silk, and they can be worn as regular bras or panties. But you might want to try out something risky, like leather, lycra, vinyl, and PVC. Discuss this with the lady, she might be too embarrassed to wear it even in intimate conditions! Not all ladies want to wear garter belts or corsets, and babydolls work rather for larger ladies.

Colors should match their complexion and hair colors – light for blondes, vivid for brunettes, earthy tones for redheads. And darker skin will look good with lighter color lingerie.

Choosing a bra for your girlfriend is hard, and prepare for exchanging the gift, something even multiple times.

Lovely winter clothes for kids

wholesale womens sweaters It’s this time of the year, where we pull out our winter wear from the closet and examine it carefully. And if you happen to have kids then it’s very likely that the tots have already outgrown their last years’ winter wear. An average parent sighs and marches to the store (after, naturally, calling their family and friends for second-hand clothes), to purchase clothes for kids and wholesale womens sweaters for herself. But when buying the clothes for your kids, look at whether they’re trendy and look good. Kids can bully others for any reason, and “ugly clothes” can really be annoying when trying to make that snowman.

Look at warm sweaters and chunky knitted cardigans in various colors. They’re comfortable, warm, and look great. Remember to teach your kids to layer winter clothes – and outside of a cardigan or a sweater toss on a coat or a jacket. An unexpected hit among the preschoolers and elementary schoolchildren are military-style jackets – they’re also practical when the kids play outside. You might also want to try parkas and duffle coats. Eventually, they will shop for wholesale womens sweaters and coats themselves, but right now it’s your duty as a parent.

And of course remember that the extremities are the most vulnerable to hypothermia – bundle up your kids in hats, gloves, and scarves. They are available for kids in bright, wonderful colors or in neutrals grays or blacks. You kid can pick up woolen beanies, fake fur Russian-style hats or synthetic hats styled like their favorite cartoon characters. Mittens, however, should be worn only by preschoolers. The general rule is – if your kid can write, he should wear proper gloves. Many kids like to wear colorful scarves, but a lot of them lose the scarves easily. Consider snoods – they can be worn as hats as well!

For the bottoms, chose layers – even boys should wear winter tights or leggings under their jeans. Alternatively, pick double-layered pants for winter. And pick good thick fur-lined boots that provide your kid with a lot of traction when playing outdoors!

Why I love leather leggings

leggings wholesaleLeather leggings are amazing! Tight, comfortable, shiny and presenting the shapely legs in an exquisite way. Many stores invest in leggings wholesale now. They’re an excellent investment… but a lot of ladies seem all too afraid of wearing them! Why? They seem too bold, too intimidating. That’s why you should pair these bottoms with subtle, more feminine pieces to balance the general feel of the outfit.

Most of the leather leggings are made of faux leather or eco-leather. And by this, I mean generally some kind of stretchy fabric coated with a layer of synthetic fiber like polyurethane. While there are some genuine leather leggings, you might do better when investing in faux leather; you can wash them in washing machine and they’re a lot cheaper. Most of the leggings on the market are glossy or “liquid” leggings, which are shiny and very attractive – pick these if you want others to notice you. Matte leggings are subtle and versatile. And there are also snake print leggings, usually with an animal-inspired texture. Any self-respecting boutique will buy these leggings wholesale from a good supplier.

But the question still stands: how do you match these vivacious pants. Well, since they’re still leggings, they look best when worn with longer tops that cover the waist and the crotch. Don’t tuck your shirt, and avoid short mini-tops. If you absolutely want to, consider matching leather pants instead of leather leggings.

Leather leggings create the “tough girl” look, so you might want to soften it up with a casual top – a long tee, a fluffy sweater, a tunic or casual blouse. You might also want to pair it with something more sophisticated, like a colorful dress, a fancy cardigan or a blazer.

Avoid matching your leggings with denim or other leather – this will overwhelm your wardrobe, and other materials and textures should balance it out. If you do want to mix leather with leather, at least chose two different colors, or soften the look with a scarf or playful handbag,

Fashion emergency kit!

woman's trousers wholesale

Who hasn’t personally experienced a fashion emergency? A button can fall off, a snag or a ladder can appear in tights, and a sudden gust of wind can utterly disintegrate your perfect hairdo. You can’t be perfect all the time, even I can’t! That’s why you need a fashion first aid kit that will fix any small problems and tidy up afterward. So pick up a small compact bag that will fit into your handbag or office drawer, and fill it with the following essentials:

  • Stain remover. One of the most dangerous problems is getting sauce or drink stains on your clothes. Care a stick of stain remover – baby wipes, alcohol-soaked wipes, whatever fits your clothes the most.
  • Small lint roller. Your clothes get street dust on them, cat, dog, human hair, dandruff… and if you need to get rid of it, there’s nothing better than a small portable sticky lint roller.
  • Spares – small items of clothing, most notably hosiery are lightweight. And if you find your pantyhose drops slightly, use the clear nail polish to straighten it up. A mini can of hairspray can stop the pantyhose from clinging to your legs!
  • A toolkit – A couple of pins, safety pins, a tiny tube of crazy glue, and even maybe a swiss army knife. These will come in handy when a zipper comes off, a heel breaks off or rivets in your women’s trousers wholesale pop off. Add a button or two for the sake of emergencies.
  • A bit of soap – toss it in a small resealable bag. When a zipper gets stuck, rub the soap over it and it will glide once again.
  • Spare heel tips. We all know how they like to break.
  • Nail scissors and nail file – sometimes there’s no time to fix up your manicure – just cut it neatly and fix it later.
  • Small comb or brush, hair clip, scrunchies, bobby pins… – it goes without saying, doesn’t it?
  • Band-aids and painkillers – let’s hope that they won’t be necessary. Add some emergency personal medicine if you have some conditions like allergies.

women's trousers wholesale

Remember to replace these things as they wear away! You never know when you might need them again!

Real women have small busts!

Sometimes I talk too much about plus sized girls, saying that “real women have curves”. Well, that’s true. But you know what else is also true? Real women don’t have curves. Because real women come in all shapes and sizes. So yes, if you aren’t “curvy”, you are still beautiful – graceful, lithe and agile. Don’t feel ashamed or self-conscious, embrace your lithe girly silhouette!

Remember, fashion is all about using strong points – and your swholesale brasleek, sporty silhouette is definitely a strong point. There are many styles that don’t suit women with larger busts but will perfectly suit you! You can wear strapless or backless tops and dresses without much stress – busty ladies will have trouble with it because straps of their large wholesale bras will break the effects. You can reveal your slim shoulders without much hassle and feel confident in a strapless bra. Likewise, you can expose your sides – and paradoxically show a bit more skin without worrying about showing too much of a cleavage.

And in the hot summer months if you feel fancy you can use a large scarf to craft a simple top without fear of “falling out” of it. Many such tops require the lady to go braless – which is not a consideration for you. You can easily turn the scarf into a simple halter or a sleeveless top, simply tying it around your cleavage. You won’t have to buy wholesale bras! If you like small tops, you can also choose cropped jackets and boleros – on a well-endowed lady, these look baggy and bloating.

Alternatively, you can embrace the boyish style, with boyfriend jeans, denim or leather jackets – and then soften it with feminine accessories. This might look butch – but you can make it chic! And instead of “tough girl” you can also embrace the “office lady” look, sometimes even complete with a tie!

Remember, there is no single ideal of women’s beauty. True beauty is confidence, style and the ability to make it work – not the bust size!

Measuring pants!

wholesale trousers

I dislike buying clothes online. Sure, there’s a practically unlimited variety of clothes out there, but I prefer to get clothes I can try on and walk around for a while. But the price is sometimes so low and they look so good on the pictures that I get tempted. Even wholesale trousers on business sites look good! That’s why I decided to learn how to size a pair of jeans and measure my own appearance. I have always thought that the clothes need to be comfortable first, good for weather second and pretty – at the close third.

To measure a pair of jeans lay them on a flat work space. Most of the measurements you need to make are the easiest if you lay them down flat. Smooth out any folds, zip the pants and button them up – you need exact measurements.

Waist size

Waist size is the distance between the left side to the right side of the waist, doubled. If your waistband is elastic, don’t stretch it. Some jeans are intended to fit somewhat below your natural waist (low rise) so keep that in mind when measuring yourself.

Thigh size

Measure the things 2 inches/5 cm below the crotch seam – the point where the two legs meet. Go down from it about 5 cm, and measure it horizontally. Double it. This is the thigh measurement.

Inseam size

You might want to use a tape measure for that one. Stretch it from the crotch seam down to the cuff – the bottom of the leg. Do not double this one.

clothing-650372_1920Front rise

Front rise is the distance between the crotch seam to the middle of the waistline. Remember to stretch out your pants so that the upper part is nice, tight and flat. Again, do not double this number. If you’re a very curvy woman, with a nice bottom, you can also measure your rear or back rise – the similar distance on the back.

Other measurements

In general, you need the four measurements above to find a fitting pair of jeans, but if you need more precise information, you can measure the pants in the point the knees would bend, the width of the seat, or hemline of the bottom of the leg. Few sellers of wholesale trousers bother to take care of these.

Measure yourself

If you have measured up the pants you’re waiting for, now it’s the time to measure yourself – in the parts of the body where you measured the pants.

To get your waist measurement, wrap the tape around your waist – and if you’re not sure how to find it, bend to one side – the waist is where your body creases. Similarly, measure the fullest point on your thigh, the distance from your crotch to your ankle (the inseam) – and boys, remember to be a bit looser for this one. And finally, measure the distance from your crotch to a belly button.  Women would do good if they also measured the largest width of their hips.

You could use a sizing table to adjust your size – but I seldom do it, instead preferring to ask the retailer or dealer of wholesale trousers about the size of the clothes.

Why wear pearls?

female-616292_1920Pearls exude elegance and class, but they can work for many occasions, from chic presentations, dates, through a family outing of a casual movie with friends. Pearls show some class, but their greatest strength is that they’re modest, subdued. They will kick your outfit up a notch without being in your face! The beauty of the pearl lies in its perfection – natural pearls are round, perfectly elegant, and well, pearlescent – their shine attracts just the right amount of attention. Not as gaudy as gems or gold, the pearls signal maturity, elegance, and responsibility.

Do you wonder how versatile the pearl jewelry is? Well, wonder no more. Here are a couple of examples on how can you wear them with.

Every woman should own an LBD – little black dress. It’s amazingly versatile and works well for formal, elegant, sexy or casual outings. You could wear one on a semi-formal cocktail party or a great date… and with it, you can wonderfully complete it with a pearl necklace and a pair of pearl earrings. Just like a little black dress pearl jewelry is timeless. Some celebrities want to keep it modest, classic and simple, with a single or double strand – but many celebs wear longer strands of necklaces.

Pearl necklaces are also a perfect compliment for an elegant, business work pantsuit or jumpsuit. Some of the companies I worked with often banned outright metal jewelry deeming it distracting and in some places they were impractical, stainless steel looks actually very nice, but it can interfere with work equipment! Pearls don’t have this problem, actually. If anything, they just make you look more professional and competent. Just wear a pearl necklace over one of the wholesale blouses your company bought in bulk for you.

wholesale blousesAnd you can rock them with casual wear, for school, shopping or meeting with friends. If something works for Lisa Simpson, it can work for you! Natural pearls might be too expensive for you, but for a casual outing, artificial pearls look pretty nice! Match it with one of your fancy wholesale blouses, and look for the effect.

Pearl necklace is not the only piece of pearl jewelry. While rings with pearls aren’t seen as practical, pearl earrings can add just the perfect touch of elegance for your costume at any time. You can wear it with everything – so, guys, this is a perfect gift!

My main take on fashion designers!


wholesale leggingsThere are dozens of fashion designers reigning the fashion industry, from the beginning designers and fashion bloggers, producers of wholesale leggings to the most powerful movers and shakers who influence the way that people dress. I have chosen a couple of fashion designers who influence a lot of current trends. This is my personal choice, so don’t be offended if you won’t find your idol here!

Elsa Schiaparelli

Elsa Schiaparelli was a famous Italian designer who used surrealistic inspirations inspired by great artists like Man Ray and Salvador Dali. She used it to create irreverent, unusual designs and was famous for her shocking pink designs. Her achievements still amaze and inspire a lot of people. 

Ralph Lauren

He gained his popularity because of the wide ties he promoted – often made of unusual materials. His clothing lines were sold at high-end stores, and his set design and careful staging made them very memorable.

Christian Dior

The famous French designer, Christian Dior, is well known for his unique and distinct “new look” style, based on his mastery of shapes and lines. His dresses and suits revolutionized female fashion after the WWII. He gave the women a “flower silhouette” – a voluminous, full, and nipped-in waist skirt, padded hips and balanced bust line. To this day Dior is an inspiration for creators of clothes, from high designs to affordable wholesale leggings.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was famous for his disco style, like his tight designer jeans, and his stripped down and spare designs in the 90s created minimalist style. His claim to fame were many celebrity endorsements, like Kate Moss or Mark Wahlberg; he has created many successful advertising campaigns.

Gianni and Donatella Versace

Gianni Versace was a very charismatic, talented Italian designer. His pieces were focused on sex-appeal and personal power. After his tragic death, his flamboyant sister Donatella focused on the line and is often known for celebrity endorsements and unique style. She is known for vivid styles and amazing patterns.

Beanies for moms?!

get hats wholesale like herFor that winter and late autumn style, there is a multitude of hat styles – and there’s always the beanie. Sure. I know what you’re thinking (hint: I’m standing right behind you now). A BEANIE? What am I? Nine? Well, no, don’t mock. Ladies of all ages can rock the “beanie” look, they’re warm and can be stylish with proper care. Ask your retailer if they’ve stocked up on hats wholesale for the winter.

The classic beanie look covers your whole forehead and ears. The front of the beanie should be a little over your eyebrows, don’t make it slouch too much, but leave it a little loose on top and in the back (think “backwards smurf”). Push the bangs beneath the hat, especially if they’re a little greasy or flat.

And if it gets really cold, roll the cuff of the beanie once – creating a warmer band. Cover your forehead, ears and hopefully back of the neck. Let your hair dangle in front of the beanie this way, since it fits more snugly now. You don’t have to buy a multitude of hats wholesale; a beanie is very versatile.

dsc_0456_kopiaAnd conversely, you can wear the beanie higher – wear it over your forehead, covering basically only the tips of your ears. If it slides down, you can hold it in place with a bobby pin.The excess material of the hat can stand up, or fold in the back. And if you want to show off your hair dye this “Peter Pan” style works great – especially if your hair is in contrasting color from your beanie.

Accordingly, if you have very curly hair you can
try an oversized beanie, covering it all without looking misshapen or lumpy. We might also joke that it’s an afro or reggae style, but in truth, the large, beret-style beanie looks great on any lady and warms you up. The beanie styles presented above work as well with curly hair as they do with straight hair. You can pull your beanie back, and let your curly bangs shine through, tangling with your hat – it’s your head and your choice!