Dress codes for employers and employees

Many of readers of mine have work. Some are useless bums. Or students. Or, quite likely, moms. But chances are that if you can afford the Internet or a mobile device you might have a source of income. And chances are that you work for somebody, probably in a company of some sorts. And many employers enforce a dress code in an office.

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A lot of entry-level employees dress shabbily, without any regard for the others. They pick baggy sweatpants, loose tops or shop for discounted wholesale women’s sweaters. They don’t devote any attention – whether boys or girls – to their appearance. And this doesn’t create a good image of the company and can influence productivity in the office even if they don’t directly meet any customers. A compulsory dress code can keep them in check, and help improve company’s image.

How to set up your dress code?

Of course, the exact dress code depends on the company. Some enforce dress code only for the employees that are responsible for the client’s well-being: sales force, greeters, customer service. But I have worked for banks that enforced dress codes for IT employees, marketing and even freelancers like photographers and translators working for them. If the company has no dress code, anyone can wear anything – and this can distract other employees. Not to be stereotypical, but I can imagine a situation where the office becomes a fashion revue and instead of working, ladies start to display fancy costumes. A neatly uniformed look can be a great help in maintaining order in the workplace. You can even buy a lot of clothes in bulk, like wholesale women’s sweaters to serve as your uniform.

wholesale woman's sweaters are important for dress codeA lot of the workers might opt for casual business or formal business attire, but this is something that might vary greatly from office to office. If you want to set the dress code for your office, you might outright ban: “funny” T-shirts, with distracting slogans or even foul language, revealing clothes like tank-tops or skinny jeans, torn jeans or tops. Wearing hats indoors usually depends on the job and could be allowed for religious reasons for instance. And naturally, sweatpants and sweatsuits are the no-no! Instead, allow wholesale women’s sweaters, so that your employees will feel warm at work.

Take note, that if you allow something for men and ban it for women, this will be unnecessary. Women can wear ties and some can look good in them – but if you think it’s distracting either ban ties in general or allow them, don’t forbid women to wear ties and allow them for men!

And communicate them clearly to your workers – if you want some variety, like casual Fridays or Saturdays, allow them.

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