Fishnets – hot or not?

sexy-1617403_1920I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about fishnets. They’re this one weird article of clothing that says both “classy” and “trashy” at the same time. For every ten floozies that wear them, there’s one awesome lady that manages to pull them off… er, you know what I meant. And that’s the thing – you either love them or hate them.

Fishnets – classy or sexy?

When we see fishnets on TV they’re usually paired with a mini and high heels – but this isn’t particularly elegant or lady-like. Let’s start with wearing fishnets with a skirt that’s two fingers above the knee or longer. Don’t scream “sexy”, suggest it instead. And yes, if you want to, you can match the fishnet stockings with an actual pair of pants – it offers just a hint of sexiness with your feet and it shows! You don’t have to show too much of your leg – and boots are another choice. You can be very feminine showing a bit of fishnet between the hem of your dress and the ends of your boots!

A good compromise

A good compromise between the risky fishnets and regular pantyhose is a finer mesh. They will be seen as less “racy”, more toned down. The smaller the distance between the “diamonds”, the better the look. And fishnets don’t have to be black – for day wear they can be flesh-colored or brown. Indeed, you can even wear some solid tights underneath the thin fishnets – office-acceptable colors include dark navy blues or greens. You can even try out the more daring combination for the evening. Here’s a fun article about colorful tights I found!

gothic-1461103_1920Keep the rest of your clothing simple. Avoid patterns and prints that might draw attention away from the fishnets – they should be your key fashion accessory, not brooches or flashy tops. Fishnets can make matronly, dowdy clothing look instantly more stylish and elegant. Instead of drawing attention with colors and patterns, pay more attention to the cut and the style – wear tailored shirts, bespoke jackets, and other customized clothing. And if you’re one of these ladies who must wear jewelry no matter what (like I am), you can pick pearls. Pearls work great as modest jewelry for all occasions.