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wholesale coats

Buying your first winter coat…

The dreaded cold winter months are around the corner and many retailers prepare for the winter by buying wholesale coats. Because who doesn’t want a stylish and warm coat which will protect you from the freezing winds?

wholesale coatsThere are many different styles of coats and many fit your personal style. If you’re going to school or work but don’t have time to tie a scarf? A high collar wool coat might fit you. And if you want to look classy or sexy for a date, a nice trench coat is your best option. A retro pea coat might work for a night out.

Your first coat should be neutral. Black, brown or cream will blend with all of your other clothes. You could try a print, for instance, a red plaid coat, but it is very distinctive. To balance it out, you need to wear simple clothes to avoid overwhelming others. Instead, pick simple colors and add fancy accessories to spice them up. When you own a neutral coat, you can pick more colorful ones like red, deep purple and dark blues for your second. Deep greens are also chic. Remember that patterns shouldn’t be too detailed – black and white hound’s tooth, for instance, might work.

And consider the fabric the coat is made of. Most wholesale coats are produced of wool blends and tweed. They’re fairly durable. While synthetic fabrics aren’t very fetching, they are nevertheless warm and durable. More exotic materials include silk and cashmere mix or even camel hair. Wool is probably the best – it keeps you warm, but is not as rain-resistant.

The coat should also work well for your body shape. Apple bodies should avoid heavy details on the top, while pears should wear some attractive collars to distract from their large hips. Rectangles should add details to their slender flame, and hourglass bodies can underline their waist with a belt.

wholesale women's blouses 34 sleeve

Should moms stay feminine?

If you want to be more feminine, you should start a small makeover in your wardrobe. Look through your closet and get rid of anything “tomboy”. Lose the cargo pants, baggy sweatpants, and non-fitted shirts. Instead, keep the fun, flirty or girly clothes, like wholesale women’s blouses 34 sleeve. If you discover that you don’t have enough clothes, well, it’s time for a shopping spree. Look for bright, sweet pastels, lace, and ruffles. Elegant babydoll clothes that show your waist is a must have.

wholesale women's blouses 34 sleeveIf you want to be feminine, you should avoid wearing pants – but if it’s cold outside, feel free to wear a pair of leggings under your shorts. Hosiery, in general, is very feminine. If you’re not a big fan of pastels, black is always fashionable – but don’t overdo it, you want to look girly, not dark! You should stay pretty and modest – you don’t have to show your body to stay feminine. And for tops, you can choose wholesale women’s blouses 34 sleeve.

A very feminine addition to your wardrobe can be a nice signature jewelry piece. Choose it if you want to have a silver charm bracelet, an engraved necklace… It should be classy, yet visible. Simply avoid cheap trashy jewelry made of plastic and she’ll be right. In fact, you should wear it as often as possible.

Other possible accessories include a pretty silk scarf, a headband, or even ribbons in your hair. And pearls are not only very feminine but quite mature and conservative – you can’t go wrong with pearls.

Femininity is not only a matter of clothing – pick a new, womanly smell. If you normally use sports deodorants take notice of soft, gentle perfumes to add a spritz of very womanly smell. You don’t want to overpower others with your smell. Go with elegant, clean makeup, don’t overdo mascara and blush. In fact, go with chapstick or lip balm rather than lipstick.

Remember, feminine does not have to mean “weak”! You can be strong and resilient while being feminine and girly!

wholesale tights

Do you want to look European?

European ladies have a reputation for style – and it’s not entirely undeserved. Most of the European ladies tend to dress in fashionable clothes, and they tend to dress up in fancy wholesale tights even when walking a dog or going to buy groceries. European fashion, however, is simple: the cuts of almost all pieces of clothing have a sleek, geometric appearance and they fit you perfectly. Few women in Europe choose clothes that drape over the body or are too tight – they want to show their silhouettes. Instead of carrying on with baggy apparel, it’s simpler to have it tailored.

wholesale tightsI have the feeling that bold, vivid patterns are not liked in Europe. Instead, classy European ladies go for subtle, detailed texture – as seen in lace panties, wholesale tights or delicately knit sweaters. Things like ethnic costumes or summer dresses are also visible. European women also tend to prefer more toned color palette than Americans – usually, they focus on neutral tones with an element or two in bright bold color, to contrast with the outfit.

European ladies also plan their outfits a lot more carefully – in America, a teenager can pull out a clean pair of jeans and a shirt, but in Europe, she’ll look at the print, will try to coordinate the colors and patterns. If you want one piece of advice, learn how to coordinate your outfit!

Another rule is to scale up – dress up a little more formal than normally. If you think it’s okay to go in sweats and a hoodie, go in jeans and a blouse instead. And if you normally work in jeans and collared shirt, go with the nice pantsuit and a blazer. It’ll do wonders!

Women in Europe have the opinion of being more feminine, and they aren’t afraid to wear skirts and dresses. You could show your legs in a miniskirt with tights or leggings.

Washing lingerie!

You might have splurged on a couple of fancy pieces of lingerie, whether wholesale panties or expensive bras. If you want to preserve the investment in the best condition, you need to care about it properly. The more carefully you treat them, the most mileage you will get from them. For instance, a lot of women tend to cut the tags from the lingerie – it can create unsexy bumps when worn. But before doing it, make a note on how to wash and store your pants, in a special booklet before you snip them off eternally. In general, it’s true that most delicate garments need to be hand washed – but many can be machine washed as well. If you want to do it, use a lingerie bag – or an old cloth pillow cover in a pinch.

wholesale pantiesIn general, it’s best to wash your lingerie before wearing it for the first time. You never know who’s touched them before or what chemicals were used to produce them. So wash them before you put them on. Even the producers of wholesale panties do this.

In general, let them soak for about half an hour in light detergent. Pick an easily dissolvable brand and mix it with water before putting the lingerie in. Remember not to mix darks, whites, and colors! If you do, don’t be surprised if your lacy brassiere becomes rusty.

Speaking of rusty, pay attention to buckles or loose hooks, you don’t want rust spots in delicate lingerie. Wash padded areas carefully because the sponge padding tends to absorb sweat. Squeeze them gently to avoid nasty rashes. You don’t want to squash the padding so that it deforms. Press them gently, put the bra in the center of one palm and gently press against the cup with your other fist.

Remember to rinse the detergent! Few dedicated soaps protect the material, and many damage it in the long run. If you leave it in, you will speed up the erosion. That’s why your favorite sexy bra might not fit you – the bra has expanded, but your breasts didn’t.

Fashion for ladies after fifty

If you turn fifty, it does not mean that you must give up any pretense of style and fashion. You grow, mature and your body change. It’s only natural. However, there are many styles out there that work for most every shape and size – consider wearing wholesale womens shorts during the summer! If you are a mature lady or have a mature woman in your family, you can still feel fashionable and look your best.

Cross-check your wardrobe to discover what clothes you have there — and which ones are old, outmoded and unflattering. Throw them away, they won’t be fashionable again. My rule for ladies over 50 is to not wear anything that is over 10 years old. Well… there are some clothes that look well because they’re never out of fashion: durable jeans, wholesale womens shorts, elegant fancy button-downs or ruffled skirts.

wholesale womens shortsAs I said before – your body changes with age, and it’s perfectly normal. But you need to remember this and shop for clothes that fit. You need to update your measurements from time to time. Sure, you might have worn the same size for years – but your favorite supplier might have a different size for XXL. Measure your body to find clothes that flatter your mature figure.

Some styles fit your fashion sense and work great for your work life. You might want to buy classic blouses and blazers for work, and a pair of sweatpants or casual t-shirts for relaxing at home. You shouldn’t be too ready to accept trendy fashions – remember, unlike classic, timeless pieces the newest fashions will drop out of the style after a couple of months. Try on styles you fancy and make sure the fit, hues, and designs match your body type.

As with the younger ladies, fashion is all about showing your strong points and hiding weaknesses.  If you have comely legs, look for dresses that end above the knee, or wear tights or tight tall boots.

The gift that keeps on giving…

We all want to give presents that we will be remembered, but it is not always simple. The perfect gift touches the emotions. For many, the gift is beautiful, amusing, delightful, or has that extra something. So many people to delight their loved ones decide to give them a couple of similar items. You need to use your budget wisely, according to the relationship and occasion. If you want to delight someone with soft object, start with investigating wholesale scarves for example.

wholesale scarvesOf course, if your boyfriend loves something, like football, golf, music, food, fashion, fishing, pets or whatever, this can give you a good starting point. However just because someone might like angling, for example, it doesn’t mean you have to buy them something blatantly obvious like a new fishing rod or a book on fishing. They probably already own the best fishing rod they could afford and will know whether your choice is bad!

Try to think outside the gift box! You could consider other kinds of gifts for an angler: something to wear when fishing like wholesale scarves, oils and perfumes to remove that fishy smell from their hands once they’ve finished for the day, or perhaps a fish cookery book to spice up the catch of the day! You can combine them into a special gift set.

Or maybe you’re looking for a romantic gift for someone very special. Everyone goes with flowers and chocolates – but you’re supposed to know your boyfriend better. How about a couple of nice wholesale scarves, scented candles, and something to enjoy together like a board game or romantic comedy Blu-ray.

Regardless of what you choose for your gift set, make sure that you have thought your choices out. If you know that your girlfriend is a fashionista, but you don’t know what clothes would she enjoy, buy her a gift voucher for clothes, maybe even wholesale clothes. Remember to add something else to the box, so that she’ll be happy regardless of anything!

Tips for fashionistas and designers

t shirt wholesaleStarting a t-shirt business might seem easy and fun, but any business is an ordeal. Here’re some of my thoughts on how to help you start a t-shirt business company selling custom t-shirt designs and how to obtain t shirt wholesale.

You need to educate yourself. You need to know why and how you’re different from the competition, so you need to know who buys the T-shirts. Look at your competition and see how they succeeded, this might be very helpful. Before you spread your wings, learn how do others fly. Your dreams might be big, but your budget is small, so make sure that you have enough resources to fulfill your expectations.

Establishing your brand is definitely one of the most important aspects of your business. Your brand represents your whole style and how you are perceived by your customers. Think of a strong name and a tagline to encapsulate your brand in one sentence. In the visual business like design, the logo is very important.

And speaking of visuals, graphic design is your greatest strength. In case you are not a graphic designer yourself, you can easily students who need work or freelancers on various websites. You can find the style that suits you, by checking the artists’ past works and hire them. Remember never to steal their work. You can also find royalty-free images or public domain artwork, but it means that your images won’t be unique.

The blank t shirt wholesale for printing must be obtained from the company that you find most convenient. The graphic design is yours, but the quality of the product will be determined by the shirt itself. Your choice will influence your brand. Consider the softness of the material, its weight, and durability. Cheap wholesale T-shirts will fall apart and might quickly run in the laundry.

A business idea: Become a wholesaler!

wholesale jeansWholesaling is the sale of goods or merchandise to retailers; many industrial, commercial, institutional or other professional businesses purchase goods not from the producer, but from the wholesalers. While it might not look like a fashion career, you might consider trading wholesale jeans or other clothes! I always say that a mom needs to work on her development!

To work as a wholesaler, you must first determine a simple thing. Whether you need a physical warehouse and a stock of the women’s clothing or whether you will shift to D2D (direct to doorstep) model. Yes, you can enter the business without a lot of capital! You need to buy clothes from the producer, and immediately resell it to retailers or other wholesalers. If you’re clever and quick, you can make a living simply hiring people to drive the wares to the retailer!

To start your adventure with wholesaling, you must identify a good manufacturing company whom you can trust with the quality and comfort of the clothes. The next step is to get a website and an online store where you will sell your clothes. Remember to favor the retailers – lower the price for the retailers as compared to that of the consumer. So, if you are selling wholesale jeans to a retailer at $5 a piece the direct consumer will get them at maybe $10 a piece.

So how will you make a profit? Put in place a minimum order rule. Retailers and other wholesale buyers will have to buy a minimum number of the shorts in order to receive a wholesale discount on the buying price. Therefore, you need to create incentives to order more goods – the more clothes the customers order, the greater the discount.

Of course owning a warehouse is useful – without it, your wares are in constant move. You need to cover the costs of transport, look for possible customers all the time. With a warehouse, it is easy to plan for months ahead. If you’re active only online, the retailers may decide to cut out the middleman, and start to order directly from the producer. If you want to be a wholesaler of women’s clothing, you need to consider all of this.

What do the boutiques love to order?

wholesale women's shirtsIn a recent survey, the owners of various small boutique or clothes stores in the USA have spoken up about their top favorites to order wholesale. Simply put, these options are what they order the most or what do they like purchasing while introducing different styles and fashions to their customers. If you are a start-up enthusiast or want to open your own clothes store, you can easily kickstart your business with these tips from experienced colleagues.

  • Workout clothes – Whether simple sweatpants, yoga wear, classic tracksuit or compression gear, the USA store owners are going all out crazy with ordering workout clothes wholesale. There’s a multitude of types, designs, fabrics for any given sport, and so you are assured to find any kind of clothes for your store.
  • Flannel clothes – With summer rising with the start of May, flannel happens to be the favorite among customers not just in the USA but from all over the world. There’re flannel wholesale women’s shirts, skirts, pants and even dresses. In short, flannel seems to be just about everywhere. If you wish your stock to sell out fast, consider buying these clothes in bulk!
  • Denim – Nothing can ever separate Americans from their jeans. This cowboy style thus still remains the favorite among clothes sellers. Be it classic jeans, denim wholesale women’s shirts, or even dresses or skirts, denim reigns supreme. It’s durable, can be dressy with a decent wash, style or fabric, and it’s very universal – and this speaks to American customers.
  • Lounge pants and Football jerseys – Yes, there’s a stereotype of an American loving his baggy sweatpants, crashing on a couch in an oversized American Football shirt, drinking his Budweiser and eating pizza… But hey, this is relaxation. And everyone needs some clothes to relax and support his team. If you think of opening a business, consider custom T-shirts for the local sports team, both in America and elsewhere.

How to choose a name for your T-shirt

t shirts wholesaleWe’ve been talking a bit about starting up your T-shirt printing business. Creating your own clothes is easy for a true fashionista and enterprising mom. You got your t shirts wholesale to print on, your designs and tools, you have ideas and you’re ready to go. But well, there’s one thing you need to consider: to come up with a name for your T-shirt brand!

You can simply try to find a funny-sounding word that will work well as your domain, like You can choose your favorite catchphrase, your friend’s joke, play with words (shirt out of luck?), or use anagrams. You can use your name or nickname. There are many good ideas when choosing a name for your custom T-shirt store. Look at your t shirts wholesale supplier and be inspired.

Make sure that your name is available and not already registered, and that it doesn’t have any negative word associations, especially in other languages. If you’re trading in Europe, consider all the languages of the European Union and other popular ones like English and Russian.

When I have to make a list of good ideas, I make a list of 100 of them. I let it sleep for a day, and then I look at it. About the initial twenty will be typical hackneyed ideas, well known and obvious. Half of the remaining ones will be repetition and reiteration of the other ones. About 20 will be utter nonsense. And ten out of them will be actually useful.

You can pick a couple of words at random, and use association to build upon these. Test it on humans, ask your friends whether they will remember it and pronounce it. Imagine that you will mention your brand in a trade show. Will the listener be able to remember it and check it on their phone later?

If so, you’re ready to check your domain. Look if it’s still active and how much the hosting would cost. If you can, try trademarking it and work on your designs. But remember, your name only makes your goods more recognizable! It does not automatically grant you quality.