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wholesale winter hats

How to look your best during the cold winter!

A true fashionista always strives to look her best during the cold winter. I know, many people think that winter is all about covering the body, while fashion is all about presenting it. There is some sort of myth that wholesale winter hats on the market are there only to provide a warm thick layer. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Fashion is all about self-confidence. You need to look good to feel good, and vice versa. The most basic fashion tip is to simply more confident. Can’t do it? I could neither until I discovered that I simply could act confident and no one except me would be able to tell the difference. What matters is you look in control and professionally – and you’ll start thinking this way too. And that’s why fashion is so important – stylish wholesale winter hats might make you look utterly professional in the cold winter.

wholesale winter hatsIf you find yourself in a rut, start experimenting with your style! If you are very bored with your wardrobe, try changing it around. Don’t be afraid to try out a new kind of clothes you’ve never worn before, like a scarf or a dress if you’ve never worn them. My friends have actually started to wear dresses when they turned 25 – and started to feel professional then! Buy wholesale winter hats for an easy, inexpensive way to freshen up your winter wardrobe.

And it’s worth remembering that wholesale winter hats are only good for protecting you partially – a lot of work is done by your hair. Remember that cold and moist weather can damage your hair, too! Wash them daily, use conditioner and if you need to, styling cream!

So now you know that it doesn’t take a massive amount of knowledge to figure out how to dress and look good in the middle of winter. Remember, this is just a matter of confidence and your individual style.

wholesale womens sweaters

Winter essentials for moms and fashionistas

Hello, darlings! Christmas might be over, but winter doesn’t have to be such a depressing time of year! Just get a couple of elegant winter essentials, and you’ll discover that you’re looking forward to the cold grip of winter as an excuse to bundle up in style. Whether you’re a fashionista like me or a retailer looking for wholesale womens sweaters, you should prepare for the winter wonderland. the coats. A good, warm, figure hugging coat is one of my wardrobe essentials (much like wholesale womens sweaters), and I am dedicated not to skimp on it. Of course, they need to be practical, and keep you warm and dry – but darn, I want to look fabulous during the winter! Especially since you have to wear the coat practically every day. What should you consider? Well, I’m a big fan of camel hair coats – especially in more visible colors than black or gray. Try having a nice mustard yellow or toned dark red one. And add a synthetic winter jacket for really cold days!

Some other relevant essentials are accessories like scarves, hats, and gloves. Boutiques should have dozens of them, right next to wholesale womens sweaters. You can, too, add a couple of playful accessories to your wardrobe – pom-poms, fringes, cute colorful bits, I simply love these!

And of course, winter boots. I have to admit, I love boots during all seasons, but I’ve fallen one time too many to ignore the necessity of tough stable soles. I save stiletto heels for trips between my car and office and put on rugged, chunky boots for longer shopping sessions.  Grab a pair of thick, woolen socks while you’re at it.

But the most pleasurable thing about winter is the opportunity to snuggle into a sweater on the cold, blustery winter days. There are plenty of wholesale womens sweaters on the market, from merino wool to cashmere ones which will be perfect for work. There are plenty of cuts from nice cardigans to tasteful pullovers to match you perfectly!

shirts wholesale

Back to the Essentials – wardrobe basics

We all love minimalist style, capsule wardrobes, and other small favors. There’s no point in bloating your wardrobe until it seems like a warehouse full of shirts wholesale. Thanks to limiting your wardrobe, choosing an outfit are very simple. To create a simple basic outfit, start with a couple of generic pieces which you will use to build the perfect outfit.

shirts wholesaleA Sleek Structured Jacket or Blazer

Let’s start with the top. The crucial element to a smart, elegant wardrobe is a nice jacket or blazer. If possible have it fitted or tailored, so that it underlines your upper body half. You need a trendy top, whether a leather jacket or a sleek gray blazer.

Dark Denim Jeans

Jeans are casual enough, but black jeans can once in a while work for you as workplace outfit. Dark wash jeans are cute enough for most outings. For a casual yet put together look, dark denim is your favorite choice.

A White Button Down Shirt

Well, who doesn’t love a touch of class to their outfit? Sure, it might seem like a formal piece, but it works for dozens of other occasions. A simple cotton light button-down shirt is guaranteed to become the staple of your wardrobe staple after one wear. You don’t have to pick silk or velvet shirts – cotton is perfectly fine. Look at what the producers of shirts wholesale offer.

Simple Tote Bag

Don’t go overboard with handbags. If you want to be organized and prepared for anything, pick a simple yet chic tote bag. A simple generic black bag will provide you with a lot of storage. It’s not just pretty, but very versatile.

Black Booties

If you want to stay comfortable and chic, choose nice chunky boots with reasonably high heels. They will add a couple of centimeters to your silhouette. Booties reach to your ankles, and they need to be comfortable – if you feel great in them, you will certainly feel sexy.

wholesale trousers

Fashion for teens and moms!

If you are looking for fashionable teen clothes but not having any luck then the fashion mom is here to help. The mistake that most parents make when looking for is that they do not realize what their kids truly want. The unfortunate thing is more than likely your kids have no idea what they want either. You can look for great leather jackets or wholesale trousers online only to discover they’re passe now. You try to find good quality clothes that make sense, but you really have no idea whether or not your teen will like it. Buying clothes for teens can be one of the most complicated and frustrating things you can do, but it does not have to be.

How To Get Teen Fashion That Makes Sense And Is Easy

wholesale trousersThe first thing I would stay completely away from, and you may find this surprising, is getting your kid to wear wholesale trousers you get them. Instead, I would focus on fashionable accessories like purses, watches, shoes and the like. You child is much more likely to appreciate a small accessory than a full outfit. Plus accessories are easy to exchange. One such item that has worked well for me were nice belts. They go great with retail and wholesale trousers and can distinguish the wearer.

This belt can be an extension of your daughter’s personality. A vivid, feminine cord belt can show a cheerful and outgoing side, whereas a chunky metal design can show strength and maturity. The best bet would be to go out and shop for this accessory for wholesale trousers with your daughter so that you can be sure that she gets what she wants.

This brings me to the next option you have for making your child happy. You could get her a gift card to a fashionable store and go to pick out the clothes with her. This can be a great bonding experience for you and your daughter. By letting her take the lead and pick the clothes she wants, from elegant blouses to wholesale trousers, you are helping her to grow up and move into becoming a grown woman.

As you can see getting clothes for your teenage daughter is complicated. My two suggestions for making this experience easy and fun are to one – get your daughter something that she can use in multiple outfits that are not just one single thing. Two – take her with you to do the shopping so you can share in the fun.

leggings wholesale

Leggings for kids!

We all love leggings, don’t we? I love how they show the curves of my legs and when matched with the right boots and shoes they make me look taller! But leggings aren’t just for me and other adults… Although I am a child at heart. Tights and leggings are also great for kids – and kids of all genders. That’s why producers of kids’ clothes also offer a lot of leggings wholesale.

leggings wholesaleAs a mom, I am convinced that boys should be allowed to wear tights and leggings, too. They’re great for keeping them warm, especially when they wade through snow, or want to play unobstructed. We dress babies in tights and leggings since they are easy to get on and off over diapers, and easy to take off. Babies and small kids love to wiggle, and so the fabrics should be elastic enough – and soft so as not to irritate their delicate skin. When the kid learns to walk, they can wear footless tights or leggings.

When the kids grow up, they can still wear tights – they’re nice and often come in a wide variety of fun prints, with animals, flowers or cartoon characters. There are plenty of designs for leggings wholesale on the market for both boys and girls.

So when the boys should take off their leggings? Well, it really depends on their age. On cold winters, it wouldn’t be wrong if males wore long-johns even in the old age. I personally dislike it when my husband wears his long johns at home but I know myself that they’re comfortable. In general, when boys start to grow into shorts, it’s time to abandon tights… Unless required by exercise.

Leggings for pre-schoolers are usually very comfortable and versatile. The stretchy fabrics allow them to run, climb, jump and dance, while still looking nice. They’re easy to clean and very comfortable.

wholesale skirts

Pro tips on how to wear skirts!

In my grandma’s days, no girls were allowed to wear trousers. In my mom’s days the lady could wear trousers to exercise, for work or for casual wear, but not for school. Today, female icons, politicians, and celebs routinely appear in trousers and no one gives a toss. It’s not surprising, though, that many young girls avoid skirts simply because they do not know how to handle them. And despite this trend, stores and warehouses are full of wholesale skirts.

A skirt should skim over your body, but not cling to it. This is very important – a skirt allows you to mold your silhouette, not just show off your curves and bumps. Too tight a skirt can constrain you too much. You can choose figure hugging skirts like a pencil or tulip skirts but even they give you the opportunity for some padding!

wholesale skirtsWhen wearing a simple straight skirt, make sure that the fabric hangs straight down from your wider part. Some skirts are too baggy making you look like a sack of potatoes, others are tighter and make you even larger! Don’t choose a skirt that’s tight enough to be wrapped – it should simply hang freely from the widest point. Look at the models of wholesale skirts, and try to be as efficient!

If you are a “pear”, and your thighs are larger than your hips, you can wear skirts very effectively. Pick skirts that expand and mask your thick legs, like an A-line or a more flared skirt. It shouldn’t cling to your body!

And it’s important enough to cover your “strategic region”. Regardless of how good you look in a mini, it should be long enough to keep your bits covered when you bend over. It’s not the onlookers’ business that you’re wearing a thong today! If you have some problems with it, wear a slip underneath it.

These are only the most basic rules of wearing fabulous wholesale skirts available on the market. Watch this space for more professional tips and tricks.

men's sweaters wholesaler

Secrets of cashmere maintenance

My friend Drake has recently inherited an entire wardrobe of sweaters of all types: mohair, angora, lambswool and cashmere from his grandparents. He was elated. And the clothes moths were delighted with their newfound freedom. One airing of the wardrobe later, some cedar balls and desperate salvage of a couple of sweaters, he turned to me for some tips on how to care for the sweaters. Now, I’m not a men’s sweaters wholesaler but I know a thing a two about washing cashmere sweaters. And now, you can learn them too.

men's sweaters wholesalerCashmere can be machine washed – but it doesn’t mean it should. There’s always a possibility that the next wash will be the last one. Instead of using a washing powder, pick some delicate detergent – dedicated to delicate wool, like Perwoll. Look for one recommended by your men’s sweaters wholesaler. You can use baby shampoo as well. Add some white vinegar to the rinse.

To wash your sweater add just a couple of drops of your detergent to an entire basin of clean cold water. Massage the soapy water into the sweater, remembering to preserve its shape and texture. Let it soak the water for about ten minutes. Empty the sink, rinse (also massaging) and rinse again. To the penultimate rinse, you can add a cup of white vinegar, then rinse with cold water again. You shouldn’t wring your cashmere, guys – lay it out in the bathtub and gently squeeze the water out. Blot it out using a beach towel – you can roll the sweater in the sandwich, sushi-style!

Do not machine dry cashmere, instead, air dry it – but do not hang it on a clothes hanger! Drake’s grandpa did, and now it’s an oversized sweater. Instead, let it dry on a rack topside up, somewhere away from direct sunlight and heat. That’s right, the sun can also damage your cashmere, and can cause the colors to fade.

wholesale jeans

Rise of the jeans

So what exactly is the rise of a pair of jeans? Is it the same as the waist? Can you have a low-rise pair of pants with high waist? And what about the width? Does it matter? Well, here are the answers to the questions according to me. Many producers offer wholesale jeans in various shapes and with rises.

wholesale jeansThe rise of the jeans is an important thing to the ladies. It’s not the waist as such, but the place where the jeans sit. When you measure the rise from the center point between your legs to the end of the waistband. This is the rise.

5-8″ (12-20 cm) rise usually means that the jeans are low rise jeans. They rely more on your hips than your waist, and they sit well below your belly button. 9-11” or 20 to 30 cm rise, means mid-rise below the waist. These jeans will reach your belly button, and anything above 30 cm will sit at the waist.

Some manufacturers of wholesale jeans use the terms rise and some use waist. For instance, Old Navy has Ultra Low Waist, At Waist, Just Below Waist. On the other hand Gap and Levi’s use Low Rise, Mid Rise and Superlow.

If you happen to have a little extra padding around the waist, you should pick mid to high rise jeans. You want to avoid the infamous “muffin top” effect, where flags will peek out above the waist. On the other hand, high-rise jeans basically come with their own inbuilt corset which smooths out your figure. If you are more bootilicious, apple-shaped, pick mid-rise jeans that will cover your stomach and show your curves.

There are many other choices, but you simply need to fit your jeans to your body shape. Remember that the first rule of fashion: it needs to show your assets and disguise your weaknesses.

Animal prints and wholesale scarves

I love animal prints. I think they’re a fabulous way to express your personal style, whether with your clothes, various accessories like shoes or scarves, or even personal belongings. Most producers offer beautiful wholesale scarves with such prints Animal prints can be very vivid, they are easily noticed so you shouldn’t overwhelm the onlookers. You need to strategize when using these prints – be moderate and don’t mix too many patterns. It’s probably best to start building your wardrobe with one strong element in the animal print.

wholesale scarves

I think leopard print can be very sexy. I am not keen on fur – but I do make an exception of wearing down old ones. However, leopard print shows the fur style. It used to be very popular in the early 20th century and became synonymous with sexual empowerment. You can find a blouse, a hat, a pair of gloves, a skirt or a pair of leggings… well, practically everyone in leopard print. The most iconic accessories which will be a strong accent to your costume are for me, at least, shoes, wholesale scarves, and purses.

Cheetah print is similar to leopard one but it’s simpler. Cheetah pelts have simple dark sports, leopards have some darker splotch in the center. It’s also found on everything from purses to hats. It is somewhat easier to make, so the items with cheetah prints can be slightly cheaper. An Ocelot print is also quite similar, but the sports tend to be longer, more elongated. An ocelot is sometimes called dwarf leopard, and so the print also has a brown splash in the middle.

You won’t confuse the zebra print with cheetah or ocelot, though. These classic black and white stripes actually appeared around the 1970s. It’s more common with dresses or pantsuits, I don’t see many shirts with it, for example. And speaking of stripes, another popular animal print is the orange and black tiger print. I like it better since it’s warmer, and signifies “danger”. Zebras aren’t provocative enough for me. I love when my boutique orders dozens of wholesale scarves with sexy tiger prints.


How casual can you get with a sweatsuit?

There’s something about sweatsuit that makes them infinitely casual. Comfort is synonymous with style for many people. A lot of people like to throw on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, run their everyday errands, and later go to a lunch or go shopping. So, well, while you’re still out and about on the town, and you already feel comfortable… why not look a little bit chicer and interesting?

wholesale sweat suitsSo the humble sweatsuit is now a fashion item. Of course, there should be a difference between a sports sweatsuit and a dressy one. A good quality cotton and polyester tracksuit can soft-brushed for a comfortable fit. The jacket would have an adjustable hood and a zip. The trousers tend to have an elastic waistband and front pockets. Some sweatsuits might come with some additional features that will be appealing to some buyers. For example, some sports brands will include a dedicated regulated pocket for a smartphone or mp3 player, which makes jogging to the music a pleasure.  Other useful features in high-quality sweatsuits include ventilation panels in the jacket, zippers or buttons on the sides of the trousers for quick removal, and the option of having a zip-in hood. Some of these are more practical for exercising, others are just fashionable.

Regardless of whether you are going to exercise or not, the fabric and weather conditions should be a deciding factor when buying a tracksuit or sourcing wholesale sweat suits for your store. If the weather is going to be below zero, a fleece tracksuit will be best. However, fleece sweatsuits are very water-absorbent.  When purchasing wholesale sweat suits for your store, you should know that one sweatsuit may be appropriate for certain kinds of weather and not appropriate for others. You should know the weather patterns in your city and prepare accordingly. And if you’re buying sweatsuit for yourself, consider getting more than one type of sweatsuit, to stay comfortable at all times.