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Beanies – hit sensation that’s sweeping the nation!

It seems that everybody and their moms are wearing beanies. Just a couple of years ago adult women would defend themselves from wearing one. But today, even I have wholeheartedly embraced them. It moved from snazzy high-schoolers to fashion-conscious college students, and now it has been embraced by ladies of all ages. It seems that all the boutiques buy wholesale hats like this. So well, how to wear a beanie?

wholesale hatsThe simplest way to style a beanie is over your head. Cover your ears, and slump it slightly to warm the back of your head. If you’re wearing a ponytail or braid, this is even easier. You can simply show your beautiful hairstyle, and toss your long hair over a shoulder. This might be a good enough reason to grow your hair long.

You can also pick a bit more oversized beanie, and wear it as if it’s a slouchy hat. My friend Trish has lovely dreadlocks, and wears a slouchy beanie to embrace her hippy rasta style. If you simply fold the bottom once you can change any large beanie into more fitting type – especially if you wear your hair short, like me. You can even fold the bottom twice, and let your hair loose, to create a nice flowy effect. If you wear your beanie at the highest point of your head and keep it straight up, you create a nice “finishing effect”. This style is not the best for the cold winter, but works quite well for summer!

You could even wear a beanie Robin Hood-style – if you wear it uncuffed in the front and cuffed in the back, it should form a straight line that starts and stops at each year. Pick a green one for the extra effect. Your beanie should bring a splash of color to any winter outfit, and since they are inexpensive you can have many wholesale hats like this.

One thought on “Beanies – hit sensation that’s sweeping the nation!

  1. Camille J. Brown

    Love this! Thanks for posting the many different ways to wear a beanie. Now I won’t feel so lost standing in front of my mirror when I attempt to get it looking “just right.” I’m so glad that these fun hats are “in”–so playful, and perfect for extra winter warmth!


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