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wholesale womens shorts

High-waisted shorts are back in the game!

Today, high waisted shorts are becoming popular again after their first appearance in the 1970s. As a matter of fact, it is pretty easy to find at least a pair of high waisted shorts in a girl’s wardrobe or wholesale womens shorts in a large mall.

This new trend might be due to the fact that many famous actresses have been wearing these shorts in public and they do look hot in them. In fact, many producers of wholesale womens shorts asked these celebs like Katy Perry or Rihanna to model for their new collections. However, the initial introduction of these shorts started during the 1970s and the trend disappeared for awhile. Now it’s back in full force and there are a lot of new adjustments being added to shorts with a high waist which you will find irresistibly enticing.

wholesale womens shortsWholesale womens shorts with the high waist are becoming the main trend of today because they are not only fashionable but also practical for various occasions. During the summer, many girls like to dress up in shorts with high waist because these shorts are comfortable to wear and at the same time make them look trendy. If your body shape is similar to the hourglass, which means the proportion of your chest and buttocks are the same, shorts with a high waist are best for you. This type of clothing drifts people’s attention to your chest and waist area, and also makes your legs look longer and sexier.

High waisted shorts look great if you know how to match them with suitable tops and other accessories. One great idea is to match your shorts with ruffled tops. The best type of ruffled tops or blouses should be those with front buttons from top to down. This kind of cutting will make you look more sophisticated and feminine. Any buyer of wholesale womens shorts knows to display them next to a nice blouse.

The choice of shorts should be the ones with simpler patterns and cuttings because your tops are already filled with ruffles. You can also wear a collared top with your high waisted shorts to add a variety to your style of clothing.


women tops and blouses wholesale

Sometimes a mom wants to feel pretty!

Sometimes a girl wants to feel pretty. And a great way to feel pretty and relaxed is to obtain a nice luxurious top, like a silk blouse. In fact, the producers of women tops and blouses wholesale can offer dozens of various styles to the retailers and the individual customers. If I want to buy such a blouse, I pay attention to little details – embroidery, beads, colourful pictures or finish.

Another very important factor is quality, which may or may not directly affect the price. In fact, my advice is to shop for the best quality you can afford, within your price range. Unless you want newly released items of clothing, like that formal blouse you saw featured in a fashion magazine, you will find that good quality clothes are often offered at highly reduced prices. Shop at outlets or on-line; sometimes you can buy women tops and blouses wholesale the warehouse hasn’t managed to get rid of. I always wait a season and then buy last year’s fashions. It works for me and I am sure it can work for you too. It’s not about wearing the recent or the most expensive clothes – it’s about looking and feeling good.

women tops and blouses wholesaleThere are so many different styles of women tops and blouses wholesale, you need to have some idea of what you enjoy wearing. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing blouses that are relatively tight fitting, then stick to loose tunics and use a trendy belt to give it some shape and style.

The same applies to different necklines and whether you opt for blouses with sleeves or prefer to wear those that are sleeveless. There is no point in feeling uncomfortable either because of the way the blouse fits or because of the way it looks. I personally don’t like wearing sleeveless tops, because I feel uncomfortable about what my arms look like. I am much happier wearing loose long sleeves as well!


wholesale panties

Is there any good lingerie for plus-sized girls?

Some time ago, there circulated a common belief saying that large-sized lingerie is just not easily available for the plus sized girls. However, it is just a story and utterly discredited one. Today there are millions of producers of wholesale panties or other bras in larger sizes. No matter what your size, you can find an attractive pair of panties for yourself!

wholesale pantiesMoreover, plus-sized lingerie can also be as attractive as any other kind of wholesale panties or lingerie. Plus-sized girls who have excellent features can use their lingerie to appear attractive and charming. Well-made lingeries can shape your silhouette and underline your natural curves. Additionally, lingerie is also offered in all feasible fabrics from cotton, lace or silk to more exotic materials like rubber, latex, PVC or leather. Sure, you might be surprised to find wholesale panties made out of leather, but there are people who like to see them or women who enjoy wearing them. There are also body stockings and corsets also obtainable for the plus-sized girls which give an all-around physique benefit. These in addition dimension physique stockings and corsets make you appear sexy and curvaceous and in addition assured of oneself.

Within the fashion industry that is quickly expanding, now there is lingerie that basically makes you slim by controlling your body shape. Shapewear doesn’t just make you look thinner, it can help you lose extra weight. Larger girls should, when buying the lingerie, remember about their measurements. Remember, the point is to dress comfortably – squeezing into lingerie which is one or two measurements smaller won’t make you shed excess weight, you will just look fatter.  Any producer of wholesale panties will tell you that it’s best to pick ones that will be comfortable and look good on you. Panties and bra should accommodate your voluptuous body.

tights wholesale

Tights – they are no longer just for mercenaries

Why are the tights wholesale so popular among the producers and end customers? Well, they are very versatile – for instance, they are used for sports, fashion or for work. The original purpose of this attire as designed is almost related to what it is being used today. Originally tights were used for riding horses, later they became practical workwear. Much like trousers, they were used by men. Often mercenaries. like in the Independence War of the USA wore them because they were very practical. Indeed, today Russian propaganda claims female mercenaries that always seem to fight Russia wear white stockings. But of course, tights wholesale today are almost never sold to armies.  After all, few women in the army wear white stockings outside some kind of ceremonial attire – just another unconfirmed Russian propaganda urban legend.

tights wholesaleThe use of this kind of attire has evolved over the years, back then when the fashion was formed. Nowadays, tights wholesale have gained a lot of different uses which, in this case, are not related to fighting or mercenaries. The main uses of tights as of now are typically partying, especially for teens, as well as prevention from the very cold weather. The tights are designed in such a way that they cling to the skin and hence reduce the ability to feel cold.

Tights wholesale can be bought cheaply either online or onsite depending whatever is more convenient for you as either a retailer or an end customers. Many online stores offer discounted prices depending on certain conditions. For instance, during a certain occasion, say, the upcoming Valentines or New Year.

Many stores, wholesalers and malls also use discount coupons – but remember to confirm these. Online it’s easy to encounter frauds and hucksters. You should rely only on the legal suppliers of tights wholesale.

women's clothing wholesaler

People will always want to buy clothes

We all know that clothes are one of the elementary necessities of life. People will always want to buy clothes, and this good will always be in demand. These days, stylish clothes and accessories are in even greater demand, and many people decide to become a women’s clothing wholesaler. Fashion is, in general, a very lucrative business.

Many wholesalers like to deal in this fashion business. However, when any women’s clothing wholesaler starts to operate his or her business, they have the option to select a particular niche for themselves. Generally, there are three branches of fashion: men’s, kids, and women’s clothing. If you want to be a women’s clothing wholesaler, you could specialise more – and it’s worth considering because this branch is the most profitable one. But why is that? Well, I believe that it’s obvious.

women's clothing wholesalerTypically, women are more interested than men in the subject of fashionable clothes and accessories. It’s a stereotype that women want to buy clothes while men treat it as a torture – but it’s quite often the truth. And from that, another important case arises: typically women simply own – and thus buy – more clothes. For men, the choice is between “elegant” and “casual”. For women, there are dozens of different factors: “professional”, “sexy”, “modest”, “confidence-boosting”.  And furthermore, many women who wear a specific piece of clothing for a specific occasion,  whether it’s an engagement ceremony, wedding or professional exam, won’t ever wear it again. Any women’s clothing wholesaler will always be busy.

Typically, women also have a number of various dresses and other clothes. For men, dressing up is just a matter of picking clean clothes – for women, it’s a way to express herself. A man can come to work in the same shirt and trousers combo – a woman wishes to appear different every time.


wholesale handbags

How to identify a genuine handbag

There are hundreds of wholesale handbags available on the market. In the large metropolitan fashion capitals like Paris, London, LA, New York, Madrid or Toronto it might seem that finding an authentic handbag is easy… but looks could be misleading. Many of street retailers and flea market retailers offer realistic fakes. In fact, if you have purchased a designer brand handbag from the street vendor, odds are that it’s not an authentic.

Indeed, this should be your first warning sign you should know when attempting to identify a genuine designer handbag. They seldom are found on the flea market, after all. If you still have doubts, consider the design. You can learn that it’s a knock-off simply by searching the design of the bag on-line. Look at the design of the real thing and compare the handbag with the various details. Often you will have to look into the inner stitching and smell or touch the material.

wholesale handbagsA genuine designer handbag will look perfect. The colours from the bag are going to be consistent with the description, the interior lining and also the stitching won’t have any visible defects. In addition, the engraved or imprinted designer brand logo will visible somewhere on or within the handbag itself. However, the knock-offs might not have all of this – the logo is simplified, there are less details, and stitching might easily get torn.

And most importantly, when the cost is simply too best to be true, it probably is. After all, if the brand-name wholesale handbags were that cheap every store would sell them for pennies. Selecting the right authentic designer handbag isn’t brain surgery but you will find crucial issues that you certainly must consider before buying one. It’s not hard to distinguish between the genuine things and the fakes, especially since there are so many knock-off wholesale handbags on the market.


wholesale womens dresses

Opening up your own small boutique…

If you want to open up a clothing boutique, you will probably buy wholesale womens dresses and other clothes from suppliers, producers and distributors. Buying in bulk is crucial in order to make an honest profit margin – the more you buy, the cheaper an individual piece is.

If you want to stand out from other clothing sellers, find a niche. You can specialise in selling children’s clothing, wholesale womens dresses, clothing for teens, plus size clothing or business suits… the possibilities are endless!

You should also have a decent place to sell your clothes. The most expensive venue is a traditional, physical store – you have your own storage space thanks to the store. But you could run an on-line store, too, or set up a stall in a mall or on a market. They don’t have to have their own storage space, but it’s useful – a clean wardrobe might be enough for a start.

wholesale womens dressesYou need to build a network of suppliers. Start by opening wholesale accounts with various manufacturers and distributors. Hit the pavement and contact the producers of wholesale womens dresses directly, so that you can evaluate their wares. Of course, they often have a website presence, but you need to verify them as well!

To order wholesale womens dresses you’re going to need a proof that you’re a company – a local registration copy or a business taxpayer’s number, depending on the local laws. Once you have obtained your wholesale supplies, you can start selling them.

Remember to invest in your store. A brick-and-mortar store needs mannequins and in-store displays, and that also costs money. An e-store needs also good quality photographs (models), which means some expenses as well. It’s up to you how to run or display your own company, but remember that the vast majority of businesses folds over after 18 months!

Wholesale womens blazers

Blazers – single or double-breasted?

Blazers are versatile semi-formal tops that can be worn casually, serving as a neat light-weight jacket or a fairly conservative business top. Wholesale womens blazers are very popular among the store owners. You can wear a blazer for any kind of a casual outing, for the office or as outerwear if it’s colder. In general, however, some blazers just seem more formal there are two main criteria of blazers formality:  the number of buttons and whether the blazers are single, or double breasted.

Wholesale womens blazersA lot of blazers I keep seeing have a single button. These are the most complex for ladies to wear – since each woman is built differently. Why is that? Well, this single button should be placed at the thinnest part of your waistline. But for every woman, this thinnest place falls in a different spot! Therefore, few pre-made blazers will fit your body. It’s best to have your blazer fitted rather than rely on wholesale womens blazers randomly fitting you. Well-fitted blazer will accentuate your curves, but it can also showcase your bulges.

I’d recommend going with the two-button blazers. Their buttons do not lie directly at the waist and so the blazer might look more natural on you. There are also three-button blazers, which look very professional, but aren’t as flattering. This style works best for the taller women, who can risk putting more emphasis at the torso.

Suit jackets (including wholesale womens blazers) can be single- or double-breasted. A single-breasted blazer has only one row of buttons. This style is more common and it makes the jacket look more casual. Double-breasted blazers look more professional – the “flap” is wider, overlapping with two rows of buttons. Especially if you have a flat stomach this blazer will make you look more athletic and draw more attention to your build.


wholesale leggings

Moms – get leggings for your kids!

As a busy mom, you’re probably running around with too many errands and too little time. We’ve all been there. It’s always easy to lose track of the time, particularly when the winter days are so short. Before you know it, it’s your child’s bedtime and you aren’t ready for it. Now, if you had put on their favorite leggings, you’d be all set, no more worry. These wholesale leggings on the market are not only mom-friendly, but they’re definitely “in.” Combining both comfort and style, it’s easy to see why.

wholesale leggingsYou’ll want leg warmers that are lightweight and comfortable and style is also a big plus. Fortunately, the Internet allows you the advantage of comparing various products and styles, from the convenience of your own home. You can visit various stores, and compare the offer of producers of wholesale leggings. If you approach it rationally, it’s easy to find fitting, easy to use leggings at reasonable prices.

So, what’s so great about infant wholesale leggings and why are they becoming such a big hit with moms (and babies)? Obviously, they keep baby legs warm and protected from the elements, especially when in strollers and car seats. They also protect soft knees against rug burns and scratches during play time. They also provide lightweight protection against the sun in summer and aid in potty training and diaper changing. In short, they are a stylish alternative and enhancement for any outfit and they are comfortable for infants to sleep in.

Wholesale leggings for children are made from the lightweight and comfortable material that is stretchable and breathable. The leggings are soft and will likely become your child’s favorite clothing item, with the colors and styles enhancing their cuteness. You should plan on buying an extra pair or two, as these babyleggings will soon prove their value and indispensability.


scarves wholesale

Green scarves – perfect for the winter season?

A warm cashmere or pashmina shawl is a great choice during the winter season. First of all, a pashmina shawl is one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing that anyone could have. The high quality of the material itself is already something to be greatly admired, and thus it is promoted by the producers of scarves wholesale. When you have these factors, you know that it is one of the best accessories ever made. Not only do they give the best warmth and comfort but it can also give you a touch of class and elegance due to its high product quality. Aside from that, they also give a stylish take on your ensemble.

scarves wholesaleNot only is it a moss green a very festive color but it is also very much in the spirit of the Christmas season. This year, try playing around with a green scarf. It is basically just like your regular green shawl except it is a bit warmer in shade. Scarves wholesale that are in color green and red not only set the mood for the holiday spirit to kick in but they look really good in contrast to the pale or dark color palettes that people usually go for amid the gloomy background of the season.

Wearing a pashmina shawl during the winter season is a really smart idea. It will keep you war while at the same time it gives you the stylish touch. Cashmere is a great choice, since it is warm and elegant. Dressing up for the cold months is all about warmth and comfort. However, that does not mean that you have to forget about style entirely. That is why pashmina scarves wholesale can give you the best of both worlds without giving you much of a hassle.  Try something new and instead of sticking with your usual black and whites, go for a moss green pashmina shawl.