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Ways to Wear and Style a Scarf

A scarf is full of opportunities. Now, we all know that most people simply tie their long wholesale scarfs around their necks, or wrap them once and toss the ends to the back. Sure, winter scarfs are a bit more difficult to style, but there are many options when it comes to styling a long, lightweight scarf. They have the added bonus – they look great when properly styled and you can layer them up if necessary.

wholesale scarfsThe most popular and widely seen way to wear a scarf is to simply tie a knot around your neck. There are a couple of generic scarf knots: you can double it up, create a loop at one end with both the long ends hanging free and pulling the ends through the loop around the neck. You can style an infinity loop, which can be made by putting the scarf around the neck, tying the ends together to create a circle and then looping it around your neck.

Long scarves can also make beautiful belts. If you want to underline your waist, use a long scarf as a belt over a pair of trousers or a dress. Pick the scarf around your waist or hips, and tie the ends of the scarf – you can slide the tie to the side for greater effect. If you want a cute bow, get one!

And wholesale scarfs work great if you are now struggling with a bad hair day. Tie one around the head like a headband! The ends can dangle down your back or over your shoulder. You can also style it as a headscarf or as a head wrap if you fold it into a line. It’s the perfect solution to a bad hair day which can add some spiciness and a bohemian sense to the look of the outfit.


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