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A couple of words on the traditional Aran pattern sweaters

A cable knit sweater is knitted using a cable pattern. The patterns look like braided or twisted ropes and come in a wide range of designs. People of Ireland used to knit these sweaters by hands but now these sweaters are being knitted on machines, which help produce more attractive wholesale womens sweaters.

Aran Island in Ireland is famous all over the world for its exclusive cable knit sweaters. Originally, cable knit sweaters were made using unwashed wool. There were lanolin oils found in unwashed wool and this would make the sweaters waterproof. Although many machine-made wholesale womens sweaters are made with washed wool, they are somewhat water resistant and if wet, they provide warmth to the wearer. Other than wool, cable knit sweaters are available in cotton and other materials as well.

These days, several knitting techniques are being used to make cable knit wholesale womens sweaters. From cardigans to crew-necks, they come in different styles. Initially, the only colour considered for these sweaters was beige or cream, but since the times are changing and so do the current fashion trends, they are now available in various colours.

wholesale womens sweatersGenerally, there is a couple of myths associated with cable knit sweaters. For instance, some people are convinced that the various Irish clans and local cultures or subcultures having their business in Ireland have a completely different pattern set of cable knit sweaters. Although this is certainly not true, some cable knit sweaters do have patterns that boast of some local or regional affiliation.

Due to modern machines, it has become possible to make beautiful patterns in cable-knit sweaters because now most wholesale womens sweaters are produced using the machines. Some knitters still make hand-made sweaters but they are very expensive because of the time involved in making them. Since it is not possible to make intricate designs on machines, machine made sweaters usually come with simple patterns.


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