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How to efficiently buy a shawl for winter

The contemporary fashion designers and commercial enterprises are able to make all kinds of wholesale shawls, for the cold winter and cool early spring. In fact, I know many women who have scarves for all the months in the year. But when the temperature drops below the freezing point, the designers end the production of light scarves and concentrate on the warm wholesale shawls. On the other side, the brightly-colored scarves aren’t just for spring – more and more woollen scarves are also made in all the colours of the rainbow.

wholesale shawlsSo before you buy your wholesale scarves, consider what colours do you usually wear. If you know some colour combo that works for you well, don’t discard it in winter hours. If you happen to be dark skinned, brown eyed and look spectacularly in violets, go for them. If you choose the more hidebound, white, brown and grey outerwear pick some warmer, earthy colours. And the black shirts or jackets are best complemented by more brilliant, patterned scarves. And the colours like red or teal look best with grey, blue, brown or black jackets.

Another question we must answer is how cold is it where you live? In many European countries and in the Northern US states and the Canada a scarf is not just a fashionable accessory. In these cold weather areas scarves aren’t worn to look pretty – they must shield the neck, throat, and face from the hoarfrost. In these nations you must buy wool or cashmere – silk or cotton might feel gentle but it’s not warm enough for these frosts. Masses of people buy wholesale shawls to protect them from the cold.

If you can’t afford real pashmina or cashmere wholesale shawls, consider also synthetic fibres like polar fleece. An even better option is blends of merino wool with artificial fibres. Merino wool is very warm and durable, and artificial fibres can help you wear it.


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