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Women come in all shapes and sizes these days…

Women are encountered in all shapes and sizes – which is why if you own a boutique, sourcing women’s wholesale clothing is a task that requires a lot more from you than just ordering average sizes. If you want to look good or allow your customers to look good, you need to ascertain that your women’s wholesale clothing suits your body type. And for that, we have prepared a short guide to body shapes and how to accommodate them in your closet.

The Hourglass

This is a very female silhouette. These girls probably have a lush bust, generous hips and a narrow, visible waist. You want to make the guys gaze on your curves. And so, you should focus on your chest and butt to make them look more attractive – wear women’s wholesale clothing like colourful tops, sexy skirts, and wide belts which attract attention to your waist.

The Apple

The Apple is a bit of “top-heavy” build: the upper body is larger, heavier than the lower body, and you probably have a thicker waist. But don’t fret – you’re a strong, tough girl with pretty legs! And so you want to balance your top, by drawing more attention to your legs and butt. women’s wholesale clothing for you are leggings, skirts and tighter trousers. You might also want to wear flowy, long sleeved tops and loose blouses.

women's wholesale clothingThe Rectangle

The “banana build” – your waist is roughly the same width as your shoulders and hips. If you have no curves, you should create an illusion of them, with padding and cinches. You can emphasise your waistline using a belt. Your women’s wholesale clothing should also ruffles, frills which will add some volume, texture, and some femininity. Avoid loose clothes and baggy sweatpants.

The Pear

The Pear build implies big and wide hips, large thighs and slimmer upper body. You want to draw attention to your top – so go crazy with colours and designs. Avoid mini-skirts and printed bottoms.


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