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wholesale womens sweaters

A couple of words on the traditional Aran pattern sweaters

A cable knit sweater is knitted using a cable pattern. The patterns look like braided or twisted ropes and come in a wide range of designs. People of Ireland used to knit these sweaters by hands but now these sweaters are being knitted on machines, which help produce more attractive wholesale womens sweaters.

Aran Island in Ireland is famous all over the world for its exclusive cable knit sweaters. Originally, cable knit sweaters were made using unwashed wool. There were lanolin oils found in unwashed wool and this would make the sweaters waterproof. Although many machine-made wholesale womens sweaters are made with washed wool, they are somewhat water resistant and if wet, they provide warmth to the wearer. Other than wool, cable knit sweaters are available in cotton and other materials as well.

These days, several knitting techniques are being used to make cable knit wholesale womens sweaters. From cardigans to crew-necks, they come in different styles. Initially, the only colour considered for these sweaters was beige or cream, but since the times are changing and so do the current fashion trends, they are now available in various colours.

wholesale womens sweatersGenerally, there is a couple of myths associated with cable knit sweaters. For instance, some people are convinced that the various Irish clans and local cultures or subcultures having their business in Ireland have a completely different pattern set of cable knit sweaters. Although this is certainly not true, some cable knit sweaters do have patterns that boast of some local or regional affiliation.

Due to modern machines, it has become possible to make beautiful patterns in cable-knit sweaters because now most wholesale womens sweaters are produced using the machines. Some knitters still make hand-made sweaters but they are very expensive because of the time involved in making them. Since it is not possible to make intricate designs on machines, machine made sweaters usually come with simple patterns.


wholesale t shirts

Crucial terms in the fashion business – cuts and styles

In the fashion business, there are some interesting terms you should know if you want to make a living in this business. Whether you’re selling wholesale t shirts or furs, you need to learn these crucial industrial terms.

C.B.L is short for the centre back line. It is the imaginary straight line through the middle of the body in the back part of a shirt or jacket. It shows symmetry in the garment – use it to create slits and other comfortable cuts even on the wholesale t shirts.

The opposite of the CBL is the C.F.L. This means centre front line. This line starts from the collar, runs to the bottom hem and goes through the middle of the front part of a shirt. In some jackets, this shows the zipper, but some tilt it slightly to the left or the right.

In the pre-made clothes business, the crutch point is the point, where the two inner seams of a specific garment are joined together.

A dummy or a mannequin is a copy of a human body, usually made of wood, plastic or sometimes plaster. Tailors use them to check how well the garments fit, and of course, many store owners use the dummies to display their wholesale t shirts as if they are worn. Some window dressing designers create interesting displays using mannequins.

wholesale t shirtsEpaulette or epaulet is a sharp line on the shoulder of overcoats, jackets, and similar tops. For most people, epaulettes are decorations of the uniform, but here, we mean the seam that would go under these. They are used in the tailoring to protect the unwanted stretching of the shoulder point.

Grading is the process of blending patterns. A small pattern needs to adjust to a larger one that’s dominating and vice versa.

If you’ve seen patterns of clothing, they have small arrows drawn on them. These are grain lines, they indicate what’s the grain of the fabric. You shouldn’t in general go against the grain in a single garment.

women's clothing wholesaler

Pregnancy is something special. You got to enjoy every part of it.

With plus size maternity clothes in place, you no longer have to fuss if the regular clothes your boutique got from a local women’s clothing wholesaler don’t fit you during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is something special. You got to enjoy every part of it.

Brooding about the unfitting dresses is no way going to help you. Think of alternative ways to make yourself look trendy and fashionable irrespective of your growing belly. When it comes to buying maternity clothes, women often tend to buy loose unfitting clothes. But every women’s clothing wholesaler will have better solutions!

Unfitting clothes may not look good on any individual. If you are pregnant, it’s not that you have to buy very loose clothes to yield to your growing body weight. The fashion industry has been producing a huge arena of maternity clothes to suit the needs of pregnant women. You can even get clothes based on the term of your pregnancy. These clothes are sold in all sizes which will be worn during the entirety of your pregnancy.

women's clothing wholesalerGetting to know about the various styles of maternity wears will help you buy some fashionable maternity wears. You can look for maternity books or parenting books that display various styles of maternity dresses. You can ask a friendly women’s clothing wholesaler. The various types of maternity clothes include jeans, leggings, jumping suits, trousers, wrap around skirts, maternity pants and tent dresses. With so many kinds of dresses available in the market, you can easily choose one that fits your needs.
Whenever you buy your maternity clothes, make sure to buy other maternity essentials like swimsuits, bras, bathing suits, maternity belt and other accessories needed during your pregnancy. It is important to know your appropriate measurements while you shop online. If you shop the clothing from a women’s clothing wholesaler, don’t miss to try it out before you buy the clothes.

wholesale mens jeans

Good looking and comfortable – how to wear jeans

I think that men are the first to claim “I could look excellent, but I’d rather be comfortable”. However, every woman knows that these two aren’t mutually exclusive. I’ve heard men claim that they need to be comfortable all day, whether they are teachers, engineers, editors or college students who have to spend upwards of ten hours on campus. And thus, they almost invariably chose wholesale mens jeans to wear and buy. I personally think that you can both look fashionable and have the comfort you deserve. Comfortable things aren’t exactly fitted – the strength of wholesale mens jeans is that they adjust to your body, matching your legs perfectly.

wholesale mens jeans

Well-worn wholesale mens jeans are probably the most comfortable type of trousers, being effectively a pair of yoga pants. A close second are the baggy sweatpants – but do they look good? Man’s stylish jeans can look good on you if they’re properly fitted. They don’t have to display creases but they look elegant on a man. And if they’re soft and pliant they are obviously very cosy.

Denim is stereotypically tough but consider also some soft, stretchy denim, possibly with a bit different blend of elastane or cotton. If you can find soft, pliable wholesale mens jeans these can actually be snug and cosy!

But of course, not only guys buy wholesale mens jeans. Ever more women choose the men’s trousers starting from boyfriend jeans. They are meant to look like they’ve been taken from a girl’s boyfriend. This is the same trope we’ve seen in the movies – after a steamy night together, the man wakes up to find his girlfriend in his loose flannel shirt, preparing his breakfast. It’s the same, only with jeans. Many girls wear them – often they are also slightly distressed. The wholesale mens jeans are very popular these days.


wholesale ladies clothing

Perfect evening dresses for night-time parties.

I think of a wedding reception as of something that takes place at noon. However, once I suddenly got an invitation for the evening. Confusing, isn’t it? I needed an evening dress and some other wholesale ladies clothing, to begin with!

To find the evening dress that fits you, first you need to understand the theme of the reception you will attend. After that, consider the “flaws” on your body that might affect your presentation (in a negative perspective). The next step is to choose the right wholesale ladies clothing for the occasion. A good evening party dress should not have colours that are too bright. It needs to be toned down and classy. For your information, the popular colours worn at night are typically neutral ones like black, dark blue or dark red.

wholesale ladies clothingThese dark colours will further highlight your graceful and mysterious aura. In addition, dark-coloured wholesale ladies clothing will shape your body’s appearance, turn you more slender or slim. There are many styles to be chosen for an evening dress for a classy party; including the dresses with one sleeve or strappy dress. You can get cheap evening dresses with good quality if you buy at stores that offer wholesale ladies clothing at reasonable prices

An important accessory for evening wear is a scarf matched to the dress. This scarf is needed to keep your body warm since, at night, the air temperature becomes colder. With the scarf, you can cover your back and shoulders. Wrap yourself in a classy, yet soft and warm pashmina scarf and add some elegance to your revealing outfit.

You can highlight your curves, your body shape and a skin tone with a revealing black dress. You will look so elegant and mysterious at the party you attend. This evening party dress will keep you look sexy, beautiful and stylish.


wholesale skirts

Tartan skirts – not just for Scottish clan warriors!

Tartan skirts or as some say kilts are now a trend when it comes to putting up a fashion statement. A lot of designers have seen their beauty and are using it to produce more useful and beautiful wholesale skirts for both the catwalk and in the real life. But traditionally these tartan skirts were worn by the young boys and men in Scotland or anywhere in Europe with Celtic or Gaelic heritage.

This tradition is well loved and is strictly being practised up until now. While wearing kilts started during the 1600’s, they have since evolved into a more organised and designed skirt. From medieval Scottish warriors to elegant women, the world of fashion has embraced plaid. Women have now started to wear kilts that are attractive to look at. Indeed, a lot of designers created their own style of making wholesale skirts like that styled to more suitable for the feminine side.

wholesale skirtsThese days, prominent and renowned designers and fashion houses have been using tartan wholesale skirts for a lot of their designs, especially for their autumn and winter collections. Other designers like Jean Paul Gautier made one for Madonna on her world tour. Other stars who made tartan skirts fashion statements more popular are Katie Holmes, Mischa Barton, Kate Moss, Robbie Williams and Travis’ lead singer Fran Healy.

If you are looking for tartan wholesale skirts with the highest quality, you don‘t need to have a hard time doing it as they are readily available online. Nothing on the internet is unavailable because the range of its products is wide. The market is global and all you have to do is look for an online store which suits your needs and finances.

You can do all these things without actually going outside your home. And in fact, you can have these tartan wholesale skirts delivered right at your doorstep. Bridging the gap from tradition to fashion is one amazing thing to do. Feel what it’s like to own tartan skirts and see how history flourished as time goes by.


caps wholesale

Winter is going strong… so stock up on caps!

Winter is still going strong. Sadly for us, I believe that it will last until March at least! And so, we need to stock up on all the winter accessories – from caps wholesale to individual scarves or warm shoes. So well, if you need a new hat or cap, you should go and buy one maybe?

This means that if you need an elegant hat you could wear when commuting for a prestigious company you should talk with the sales assistants – if you can – to select a hat that looks fabulous when it is combined with your clothes and jewellery. Unlike cheap caps wholesale a soft toque will look fabulous on you in this case. The time of day and season should also be considered when you are looking for hats.

caps wholesaleWhile you can go hat shopping in the traditional way, you also have the opportunity of shopping for the perfect hat all from the comfort of your home. All that you need to do is to look on the internet sites for online hat stores. At these sites, you will find many different types of caps wholesale that you can look at.

To help with making this choice you will find that these hat stores provide you with a description of the hat and what is used in the construction process. You can also see a full-colour picture of the available caps wholesale which are in stock. Another benefit of online shopping for hats is that of being able to look at the prices of several different hat stores.

The end result of all of this comparison shopping is that you can see which of these hat stores will provide you with beautiful looking hats that you need. Likewise, you need not travel too far to find the perfect hat of your dreams with the ease of the internet and traditional hat stores.


wholesale track suits

How to find unique gift for your team – custom uniforms

Custom tracksuits are great for uniforms for sports teams. These suits can be customised with the team name or school on them, and these are a good way to bring the team together. The teams can wear the tracksuit to school on the game day to draw attention to the game and drum up school spirit. You can buy wholesale track suits for the entire team! Additionally, custom clothing can be great for fraternities and sororities, the letters can be embroidered or screen printed onto the pants and are a fun way to promote house spirit. They may also be worn to show loyalty to a team.

You can get custom wholesale track suits done in many ways. Screen printing can be done on the fabric or they can be embroidered as well. Other decorative touches such as rhinestones can also be applied or fabric letters and shapes can be sewn onto the pants. Custom tracksuit pants can be great projects for clubs or scouts troops. Children and teens and even adults will enjoy the opportunity to decorate and design their own garment.

wholesale track suitsCustom print jobs can be applied in several places on wholesale track suits. The name of the school or team could be printed down the side of one or both sleeves, it is also very popular to have screen printing on the back of a tracksuit top.

Most screen printing or embroidery businesses can do this type of project. The amount of printed area will affect the price of the order. Another factor to take into account is the brand you want to use for your custom wholesale track suits. The actual tracksuits may be available for purchase at the screen printing shop or maybe be purchased from another vendor. If you want to, you might have a real massive supply of these suits, in case your sports team grows bigger!

women clothing wholesale

The current age is the age of the businesswoman

The current age is the time of the businesswoman. Many powerful women are rocking the boardroom whether you want it or not. The powerful ladies like Angela Merkel, Iman or Angelina Jolie are not just icons of female empowerment, but also fashion icons. In fact, many producers of women clothing wholesale pattern their collections after the clothes of these divas. There are many “regular” businesswomen who base themselves on their bosses and on these fashionistas.

women clothing wholesaleIn fact, these days many businesses require their employees to wear elegant suits and some nice business shirts to work in order to look professional. However, employees may have a different idea as to what this constitutes. That is why many employers are opting for the dress uniform shirt. Sometimes they buy women clothing wholesale for their employees to serve as uniforms. This allows the employees to be easily identified in the workplace and everyone looks uniform. This also relieves any questions regarding what counts as a dress shirt and what doesn’t. Furthermore, these uniform shirts can have the company logo embroidered on them. Some employers might customise it further – embroider or print the name or even nickname of the employee.

Most of the time the company will pay for each dress uniform shirt, allowing each employee to have one or two. From there, the employee may have to pay for additional shirts. Then there are those employers that will allow uniform shirts to be payroll deducted. It also depends on where they source their women clothing wholesale from – some wholesalers might offer attractive discounts. But no matter how they are paid for, they simply add to the professional quality of a business. For example, a retail establishment may opt for uniform shirts to be worn rather than each employee choose their own dress shirts. That way when a customer walks into the store, they are able to easily identify employees when they are approached and when looking for someone to help them.

womens wholesale clothing

How to customize your looks with cheap womens wholesale clothing

Who says womens wholesale clothing is not fashionable these days? With the wide variety of options available on the market, you will surely be able to find stylish clothes that will make you a veritable trendsetter. In fact, you can create your own fashion statements with the womens wholesale clothing that you bought. Here are some of various looks that you can create.

The Sweet girl

womens wholesale clothingIf you want to look and feel young, this is the precise look for you. To assemble this style, you will need all sorts of cute clothes with simple designs and colours. Simple patterns and light colours will be very useful for you. The goal here is to look innocent, childlike and carefree. You can wear floral dresses, plain shirts and jeans or even shorts if the weather’s right. Simple accessories like hats or cute purses will also make this look more complete. Keep it minimal.

Corporate warrior

womens wholesale clothingPerhaps you want to be a tough, independent career women who works in an office 24/7. Well, luckily you can find womens wholesale clothing for the office. You can easily discover the perfect outfit to make you feel powerful and boost your corporate charisma. In fact, the corporate clothes do not need to be tedious and dull. You can easily mix and match your clothes, wearing a sleek blazer instead of a ribbed jacket or a sexy pair of tights. You will definitely make head turns in the conference room, while looking consummately professional.

Other looks

Of course these two extremes aren’t the only axes – sexy or conservative, funny or serious? Woman’s fashions are very flexible. With the wide variety of choices available for womens wholesale clothing, you will definitely be able to toy with more looks other than the two mentioned above. You can pick your own personal style and be the queen of your little world.