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wholesale ladies tops

Wholesale ladies tops for busty ladies

I strongly believe that the ladies with very large busts should seek wholesale ladies tops that are form fitting mostly around the area of the bust. Thus, it is important for them to go for blouses that fall quite loosely from below their bust to help them to reduce the look of the oversized chest. Also, you can choose the kind of blouse that won’t show too much – for instance very short blouses or wholesale ladies tops with long sleeves. Be sure to focus on a lower neckline while not showing a lot of cleavage to anyone. A lower neckline cuts the size of the bust down by almost half, sometimes even a third, all depending on the low level of the neckline.

wholesale ladies topsWhen it comes to deciding on the right collar type, you should go for it. In general, it is very important just as the length and cut of the wholesale ladies tops you will choose from. Ladies with round types of faces should go for a deeper collar perhaps even narrower one, make the face seem longer. For those women already with an elongated face, choice of collar that is wider and shallower is paramount. A lady with a heart-shaped face should find a neckline that is shaped in the form of a square. And conversely, any girl with a face the shape of a square can be beautiful if she chooses a cool v neckline.

Body shape also matters. A woman with the shape of an apple can go for darker colours for various reasons. Colours that are darker help in minimising the width of their appearance. Also, vertical lines happen to be very good in making one slimmer and leaner. Wholesale ladies tops for women with the shape of a pear should work perfectly with vibrant, bright and light colours while those blouses having very bold patterns are alright since the combination helps in drawing the attention further from the body’s lower half.


wholesale sweaters

What’s so great about sleeveless wholesale sweaters?

A sweater vest or sleeveless sweater is a knitted piece of clothing that looks like a sweater without sleeves. The producers of wholesale sweaters offer these vests as well. They came into fashion in the 1970s but may have been invented earlier and have been around ever since. It’s a versatile piece of clothing usually worn in casual occasions and has become part of the school and sports uniforms. These sweaters have also become popular with students as well as office workers. They give the wearer a modern and sophisticated appearance and really function as wholesale sweaters without sleeves.

Sweater vests are stylish – they first came in style in the early seventies. Though not very popular afterwards, they never went out of style and kept many people looking good, sophisticated or casual. These days, these wholesale sweaters look nebbish, but can also be very preppy. Golfers and bowlers continue to wear sweater vests during games and female office workers in colder parts of the office wear sweater vests for women for warmth and to look good at the same time. Sweater vests are available in stylish patterns like argyle, stripes and plaid. Sweater vests for women are currently making a comeback in the fashion scene.

wholesale sweatersSweater vests are warm – Depending on the material, sweater vests can add additional warmth to clothing. They can be made from various warm materials like cotton, wool and polyester. And of course, cashmere sweaters are also popular – though wholesale sweaters made of that fabric don’t always sell well. Usually worn over tucked long-sleeved shirts or tucked long-sleeved blouses, they provide additional warmth in air-conditioned parts of the office or during cold weather but without being too obvious.

Sweater vests for women are versatile – sweater vests can be used for various purposes. They can be used as complements for school uniforms. Sweater vests are popular additions to school uniforms in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Sweater vests are also traditional sports garments for bowling, golf and cricket.

women's wholesale clothing

Women come in all shapes and sizes these days…

Women are encountered in all shapes and sizes – which is why if you own a boutique, sourcing women’s wholesale clothing is a task that requires a lot more from you than just ordering average sizes. If you want to look good or allow your customers to look good, you need to ascertain that your women’s wholesale clothing suits your body type. And for that, we have prepared a short guide to body shapes and how to accommodate them in your closet.

The Hourglass

This is a very female silhouette. These girls probably have a lush bust, generous hips and a narrow, visible waist. You want to make the guys gaze on your curves. And so, you should focus on your chest and butt to make them look more attractive – wear women’s wholesale clothing like colourful tops, sexy skirts, and wide belts which attract attention to your waist.

The Apple

The Apple is a bit of “top-heavy” build: the upper body is larger, heavier than the lower body, and you probably have a thicker waist. But don’t fret – you’re a strong, tough girl with pretty legs! And so you want to balance your top, by drawing more attention to your legs and butt. women’s wholesale clothing for you are leggings, skirts and tighter trousers. You might also want to wear flowy, long sleeved tops and loose blouses.

women's wholesale clothingThe Rectangle

The “banana build” – your waist is roughly the same width as your shoulders and hips. If you have no curves, you should create an illusion of them, with padding and cinches. You can emphasise your waistline using a belt. Your women’s wholesale clothing should also ruffles, frills which will add some volume, texture, and some femininity. Avoid loose clothes and baggy sweatpants.

The Pear

The Pear build implies big and wide hips, large thighs and slimmer upper body. You want to draw attention to your top – so go crazy with colours and designs. Avoid mini-skirts and printed bottoms.


hats wholesale

The winter hats are becoming more and more popular?

Nowadays, winter hats wholesale are becoming more and more popular because of their exceptional design and style. There is a wide variety of bright, vivid colours and sizes from kid-sized to oversized that are available everywhere. Even with basic and simple design, these woollen beanies and hats wholesale can be matched with any sort of outfit you might have. However, I have observed that women dislike tight woollen caps because they cling too close to their hair and can utterly ruin their hairstyles. I know many ladies who will never put on a hat in winter. But I also know some hip girls who wear beanies even in spring, to create the image of “cool chick”.

hats wholesaleThere are many great points that you can enjoy when you have a comfortable beanie or ladies’ cap. This is a simple headgear that is very cosy when you put it on. And because of the properties of the wool, your head will stay warm in the winter. Hats wholesale also protect the head from wind and rain. Because of the design of the beanie, the upper part of the hat will not touch the top of your the head, which means less sweat on your hair. And this will make your hair healthier and nicer.

They are available in all the sizes and they tend to be pretty flexible. In general hats wholesale can be used by any age group. Since they are small accessories and can be made of all sorts of fabrics, they are quite inexpensive. As long as you choose a woollen hat that will look attractive on you, it will stay durable and keep you warm for many winters. There are also hats wholesale on the market that are made of synthetic fabrics, like nylon, fake leather or acryllic wool or cotton. They aren’t bad, but wool and cashmere tend to be better.

womens wholesale

How to efficiently shop for good quality jewellery

There are various factors why people would choose to purchase womens wholesale jewellery. It can be a gift for an anniversary, birthday or just a gesture to show that you simply care. Actually, some people also buy jewellery because they want to make a good impression at their job interview or impress a client in their meeting. In my case, I buy jewellery because I love to match them to the womens wholesale clothes that I want to wear. Anyway, if you are one of the individuals who wants to purchase jewellery, I think it is a good idea to read about the information I will share here.

womens wholesaleWhen deciding on jewellery, look at your spending budget and determine your favourite stone as well as metal. This way, it is possible to pick a gorgeous womens wholesale ring or necklace that expresses your personality, or that of the person you’re purchasing for.

In case you are going to buy any form of diamond jewellery, it is essential to ask the jeweller who grades their diamonds so that you will know if they are working with the best graders. In this way, you can make sure to receive the quality of diamond that you are paying for. It truly is a good idea to ask for a second opinion.

In case you are buying a certified diamond, make sure to read the diamond’s certificate. If the diamond isn’t certified by a trustworthy certifying body, then contact the laboratory and check the diamond’s specifics with the laboratory. Be sure that the certificate states the full information of the diamond.

If you wish to purchase gemstone rings, you should think of how many times you want to wear them. Do not forget that you’ll find stones that might not be powerful sufficient for everyday use. Some jewellery will have little bumps and bangs over a time period that can sometimes lead to crack. I recommend diamond if you want to use it every day.

Anyway, now I want to buy some womens wholesale jewellery. To be specific I want to buy a bracelet matched with a ring. My mum has one but currently in the pawnshop. I used it when I joined a pageant before. I will take a picture once mum redeems it.


ladies wholesale clothing

Ladies wholesale clothing and cardigan!

Cardigans are nowadays a very interesting and trendy fashion ladies wholesale clothing. Moreover, the price is one of the most positive things about these feminine cardigans. Furthermore, cardigans fit today’s fashion perfectly in spite of the fact that most women are wearing them and it is becoming more and more “mainstream”. They are a kind of long sleeve knitwear and are available in a lot of various sizes and colours. But mostly they come in various shades of grey and they are made of wool. There are also cashmere cardigans and ones made of cotton, but these are rarer.

ladies wholesale clothingCardigans can be worn on nearly all occasions and you will mostly look good. The many different styles and types of ladies wholesale clothing like these sweaters make sure that you will find the one which fits properly and will make you look good. Whether they have diamonds on the front or a big print of the brand with a V-Neck, you will always look trendy and up to date. You can also expand your look with a nice t-shirt that you wear under the cardigans. It is up to you, how you want to combine these different ladies wholesale clothing styles. You can even combine them with skinny or baggy jeans, short pants and you have a perfect and luxurious outfit for summer or other seasons.

If you are looking for clothes you can wear in any situation, then cardigans must be your first choice. They are perfect to wear when you are for example shopping with your friends at the local mall or if you are just talking a walk in the park. Even at the office, they will make you look perfectly dressed and stylish. Many manufacturers of ladies wholesale clothing offer stylish and beautiful cardigans, sweaters and pullovers.


wholesale shawls

How to efficiently buy a shawl for winter

The contemporary fashion designers and commercial enterprises are able to make all kinds of wholesale shawls, for the cold winter and cool early spring. In fact, I know many women who have scarves for all the months in the year. But when the temperature drops below the freezing point, the designers end the production of light scarves and concentrate on the warm wholesale shawls. On the other side, the brightly-colored scarves aren’t just for spring – more and more woollen scarves are also made in all the colours of the rainbow.

wholesale shawlsSo before you buy your wholesale scarves, consider what colours do you usually wear. If you know some colour combo that works for you well, don’t discard it in winter hours. If you happen to be dark skinned, brown eyed and look spectacularly in violets, go for them. If you choose the more hidebound, white, brown and grey outerwear pick some warmer, earthy colours. And the black shirts or jackets are best complemented by more brilliant, patterned scarves. And the colours like red or teal look best with grey, blue, brown or black jackets.

Another question we must answer is how cold is it where you live? In many European countries and in the Northern US states and the Canada a scarf is not just a fashionable accessory. In these cold weather areas scarves aren’t worn to look pretty – they must shield the neck, throat, and face from the hoarfrost. In these nations you must buy wool or cashmere – silk or cotton might feel gentle but it’s not warm enough for these frosts. Masses of people buy wholesale shawls to protect them from the cold.

If you can’t afford real pashmina or cashmere wholesale shawls, consider also synthetic fibres like polar fleece. An even better option is blends of merino wool with artificial fibres. Merino wool is very warm and durable, and artificial fibres can help you wear it.


wholesale womens sweaters

A couple of words on the traditional Aran pattern sweaters

A cable knit sweater is knitted using a cable pattern. The patterns look like braided or twisted ropes and come in a wide range of designs. People of Ireland used to knit these sweaters by hands but now these sweaters are being knitted on machines, which help produce more attractive wholesale womens sweaters.

Aran Island in Ireland is famous all over the world for its exclusive cable knit sweaters. Originally, cable knit sweaters were made using unwashed wool. There were lanolin oils found in unwashed wool and this would make the sweaters waterproof. Although many machine-made wholesale womens sweaters are made with washed wool, they are somewhat water resistant and if wet, they provide warmth to the wearer. Other than wool, cable knit sweaters are available in cotton and other materials as well.

These days, several knitting techniques are being used to make cable knit wholesale womens sweaters. From cardigans to crew-necks, they come in different styles. Initially, the only colour considered for these sweaters was beige or cream, but since the times are changing and so do the current fashion trends, they are now available in various colours.

wholesale womens sweatersGenerally, there is a couple of myths associated with cable knit sweaters. For instance, some people are convinced that the various Irish clans and local cultures or subcultures having their business in Ireland have a completely different pattern set of cable knit sweaters. Although this is certainly not true, some cable knit sweaters do have patterns that boast of some local or regional affiliation.

Due to modern machines, it has become possible to make beautiful patterns in cable-knit sweaters because now most wholesale womens sweaters are produced using the machines. Some knitters still make hand-made sweaters but they are very expensive because of the time involved in making them. Since it is not possible to make intricate designs on machines, machine made sweaters usually come with simple patterns.


wholesale t shirts

Crucial terms in the fashion business – cuts and styles

In the fashion business, there are some interesting terms you should know if you want to make a living in this business. Whether you’re selling wholesale t shirts or furs, you need to learn these crucial industrial terms.

C.B.L is short for the centre back line. It is the imaginary straight line through the middle of the body in the back part of a shirt or jacket. It shows symmetry in the garment – use it to create slits and other comfortable cuts even on the wholesale t shirts.

The opposite of the CBL is the C.F.L. This means centre front line. This line starts from the collar, runs to the bottom hem and goes through the middle of the front part of a shirt. In some jackets, this shows the zipper, but some tilt it slightly to the left or the right.

In the pre-made clothes business, the crutch point is the point, where the two inner seams of a specific garment are joined together.

A dummy or a mannequin is a copy of a human body, usually made of wood, plastic or sometimes plaster. Tailors use them to check how well the garments fit, and of course, many store owners use the dummies to display their wholesale t shirts as if they are worn. Some window dressing designers create interesting displays using mannequins.

wholesale t shirtsEpaulette or epaulet is a sharp line on the shoulder of overcoats, jackets, and similar tops. For most people, epaulettes are decorations of the uniform, but here, we mean the seam that would go under these. They are used in the tailoring to protect the unwanted stretching of the shoulder point.

Grading is the process of blending patterns. A small pattern needs to adjust to a larger one that’s dominating and vice versa.

If you’ve seen patterns of clothing, they have small arrows drawn on them. These are grain lines, they indicate what’s the grain of the fabric. You shouldn’t in general go against the grain in a single garment.

women's clothing wholesaler

Pregnancy is something special. You got to enjoy every part of it.

With plus size maternity clothes in place, you no longer have to fuss if the regular clothes your boutique got from a local women’s clothing wholesaler don’t fit you during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is something special. You got to enjoy every part of it.

Brooding about the unfitting dresses is no way going to help you. Think of alternative ways to make yourself look trendy and fashionable irrespective of your growing belly. When it comes to buying maternity clothes, women often tend to buy loose unfitting clothes. But every women’s clothing wholesaler will have better solutions!

Unfitting clothes may not look good on any individual. If you are pregnant, it’s not that you have to buy very loose clothes to yield to your growing body weight. The fashion industry has been producing a huge arena of maternity clothes to suit the needs of pregnant women. You can even get clothes based on the term of your pregnancy. These clothes are sold in all sizes which will be worn during the entirety of your pregnancy.

women's clothing wholesalerGetting to know about the various styles of maternity wears will help you buy some fashionable maternity wears. You can look for maternity books or parenting books that display various styles of maternity dresses. You can ask a friendly women’s clothing wholesaler. The various types of maternity clothes include jeans, leggings, jumping suits, trousers, wrap around skirts, maternity pants and tent dresses. With so many kinds of dresses available in the market, you can easily choose one that fits your needs.
Whenever you buy your maternity clothes, make sure to buy other maternity essentials like swimsuits, bras, bathing suits, maternity belt and other accessories needed during your pregnancy. It is important to know your appropriate measurements while you shop online. If you shop the clothing from a women’s clothing wholesaler, don’t miss to try it out before you buy the clothes.