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Beanies – hit sensation that’s sweeping the nation!

It seems that everybody and their moms are wearing beanies. Just a couple of years ago adult women would defend themselves from wearing one. But today, even I have wholeheartedly embraced them. It moved from snazzy high-schoolers to fashion-conscious college students, and now it has been embraced by ladies of all ages. It seems that all the boutiques buy wholesale hats like this. So well, how to wear a beanie?

wholesale hatsThe simplest way to style a beanie is over your head. Cover your ears, and slump it slightly to warm the back of your head. If you’re wearing a ponytail or braid, this is even easier. You can simply show your beautiful hairstyle, and toss your long hair over a shoulder. This might be a good enough reason to grow your hair long.

You can also pick a bit more oversized beanie, and wear it as if it’s a slouchy hat. My friend Trish has lovely dreadlocks, and wears a slouchy beanie to embrace her hippy rasta style. If you simply fold the bottom once you can change any large beanie into more fitting type – especially if you wear your hair short, like me. You can even fold the bottom twice, and let your hair loose, to create a nice flowy effect. If you wear your beanie at the highest point of your head and keep it straight up, you create a nice “finishing effect”. This style is not the best for the cold winter, but works quite well for summer!

You could even wear a beanie Robin Hood-style – if you wear it uncuffed in the front and cuffed in the back, it should form a straight line that starts and stops at each year. Pick a green one for the extra effect. Your beanie should bring a splash of color to any winter outfit, and since they are inexpensive you can have many wholesale hats like this.

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How to open your first business as a teen?

I’ve recently talked with a group of high school students. A lot of them were business-minded enough to want to create their own business. I gave them an idea to create a custom T-shirt emporium. It’s fairly simple. You just need a source of t shirt wholesale, a reliable printer, and some basic design skills. You don’t need to print the shirts yourself – there are many companies to outsource actual printing to. You don’t even have to buy the shirts, just cover the cost.

t shirt wholesaleSo what else do you need? To open your own business you need a website. You need to showcase your designs, so you could print some of them on your own using transfer paper and show them on a living model. You also need a company address and a place to work – it could be your room at first, but later you could move out.

If you want to, you can create a simple workshop – a computer, a printer, some transfer paper and an iron would be enough for you for a start. Then you can switch to screen printing (still doable at home), or more complex patterns. Remember that if you do buy some wholesale shirts, you’ll need a place to keep them!

You need also a place to clean, dry and iron your shirts – yes, your customers will expect nice packaging and proper care, so consider this. Write a nice letter to them and fold it into every package so that they remember you.

Before you purchase t shirt wholesale, look at their quality. Don’t simply buy the cheapest shirts available, they will dissolve and get torn!

If you want to, you can create a unique logo for your shirt business so that you can stay recognizable. With time, your brand might even become famous!

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Do you want to look European?

European ladies have a reputation for style – and it’s not entirely undeserved. Most of the European ladies tend to dress in fashionable clothes, and they tend to dress up in fancy wholesale tights even when walking a dog or going to buy groceries. European fashion, however, is simple: the cuts of almost all pieces of clothing have a sleek, geometric appearance and they fit you perfectly. Few women in Europe choose clothes that drape over the body or are too tight – they want to show their silhouettes. Instead of carrying on with baggy apparel, it’s simpler to have it tailored.

wholesale tightsI have the feeling that bold, vivid patterns are not liked in Europe. Instead, classy European ladies go for subtle, detailed texture – as seen in lace panties, wholesale tights or delicately knit sweaters. Things like ethnic costumes or summer dresses are also visible. European women also tend to prefer more toned color palette than Americans – usually, they focus on neutral tones with an element or two in bright bold color, to contrast with the outfit.

European ladies also plan their outfits a lot more carefully – in America, a teenager can pull out a clean pair of jeans and a shirt, but in Europe, she’ll look at the print, will try to coordinate the colors and patterns. If you want one piece of advice, learn how to coordinate your outfit!

Another rule is to scale up – dress up a little more formal than normally. If you think it’s okay to go in sweats and a hoodie, go in jeans and a blouse instead. And if you normally work in jeans and collared shirt, go with the nice pantsuit and a blazer. It’ll do wonders!

Women in Europe have the opinion of being more feminine, and they aren’t afraid to wear skirts and dresses. You could show your legs in a miniskirt with tights or leggings.

Fashion for ladies after fifty

If you turn fifty, it does not mean that you must give up any pretense of style and fashion. You grow, mature and your body change. It’s only natural. However, there are many styles out there that work for most every shape and size – consider wearing wholesale womens shorts during the summer! If you are a mature lady or have a mature woman in your family, you can still feel fashionable and look your best.

Cross-check your wardrobe to discover what clothes you have there — and which ones are old, outmoded and unflattering. Throw them away, they won’t be fashionable again. My rule for ladies over 50 is to not wear anything that is over 10 years old. Well… there are some clothes that look well because they’re never out of fashion: durable jeans, wholesale womens shorts, elegant fancy button-downs or ruffled skirts.

wholesale womens shortsAs I said before – your body changes with age, and it’s perfectly normal. But you need to remember this and shop for clothes that fit. You need to update your measurements from time to time. Sure, you might have worn the same size for years – but your favorite supplier might have a different size for XXL. Measure your body to find clothes that flatter your mature figure.

Some styles fit your fashion sense and work great for your work life. You might want to buy classic blouses and blazers for work, and a pair of sweatpants or casual t-shirts for relaxing at home. You shouldn’t be too ready to accept trendy fashions – remember, unlike classic, timeless pieces the newest fashions will drop out of the style after a couple of months. Try on styles you fancy and make sure the fit, hues, and designs match your body type.

As with the younger ladies, fashion is all about showing your strong points and hiding weaknesses.  If you have comely legs, look for dresses that end above the knee, or wear tights or tight tall boots.

The gift that keeps on giving…

We all want to give presents that we will be remembered, but it is not always simple. The perfect gift touches the emotions. For many, the gift is beautiful, amusing, delightful, or has that extra something. So many people to delight their loved ones decide to give them a couple of similar items. You need to use your budget wisely, according to the relationship and occasion. If you want to delight someone with soft object, start with investigating wholesale scarves for example.

wholesale scarvesOf course, if your boyfriend loves something, like football, golf, music, food, fashion, fishing, pets or whatever, this can give you a good starting point. However just because someone might like angling, for example, it doesn’t mean you have to buy them something blatantly obvious like a new fishing rod or a book on fishing. They probably already own the best fishing rod they could afford and will know whether your choice is bad!

Try to think outside the gift box! You could consider other kinds of gifts for an angler: something to wear when fishing like wholesale scarves, oils and perfumes to remove that fishy smell from their hands once they’ve finished for the day, or perhaps a fish cookery book to spice up the catch of the day! You can combine them into a special gift set.

Or maybe you’re looking for a romantic gift for someone very special. Everyone goes with flowers and chocolates – but you’re supposed to know your boyfriend better. How about a couple of nice wholesale scarves, scented candles, and something to enjoy together like a board game or romantic comedy Blu-ray.

Regardless of what you choose for your gift set, make sure that you have thought your choices out. If you know that your girlfriend is a fashionista, but you don’t know what clothes would she enjoy, buy her a gift voucher for clothes, maybe even wholesale clothes. Remember to add something else to the box, so that she’ll be happy regardless of anything!

Tips for fashionistas and designers

t shirt wholesaleStarting a t-shirt business might seem easy and fun, but any business is an ordeal. Here’re some of my thoughts on how to help you start a t-shirt business company selling custom t-shirt designs and how to obtain t shirt wholesale.

You need to educate yourself. You need to know why and how you’re different from the competition, so you need to know who buys the T-shirts. Look at your competition and see how they succeeded, this might be very helpful. Before you spread your wings, learn how do others fly. Your dreams might be big, but your budget is small, so make sure that you have enough resources to fulfill your expectations.

Establishing your brand is definitely one of the most important aspects of your business. Your brand represents your whole style and how you are perceived by your customers. Think of a strong name and a tagline to encapsulate your brand in one sentence. In the visual business like design, the logo is very important.

And speaking of visuals, graphic design is your greatest strength. In case you are not a graphic designer yourself, you can easily students who need work or freelancers on various websites. You can find the style that suits you, by checking the artists’ past works and hire them. Remember never to steal their work. You can also find royalty-free images or public domain artwork, but it means that your images won’t be unique.

The blank t shirt wholesale for printing must be obtained from the company that you find most convenient. The graphic design is yours, but the quality of the product will be determined by the shirt itself. Your choice will influence your brand. Consider the softness of the material, its weight, and durability. Cheap wholesale T-shirts will fall apart and might quickly run in the laundry.

Why I don’t believe in fashion for moms

wholesale t shirtsFashion for me is about bringing out the inner beauty to the forefront. You need to find your strong suits and bring them to your forefront. And this grants you confidence. Your outer self makes your inner beauty shine through. The inner beauty of a person is your intelligence, personality, your identity and your soul. It makes whatever you wear to look beautiful, whether it’s wholesale t shirts or fancy brand names.

True Beauty is something exceptional. Have you met a person full of love and care, someone, who would sacrifice everything for her family, someone who would give up all she has for your happiness? We all love our mothers, and a true mother is our true beauty and a model for all growing good. Many mothers give up all they have, and their reward is just some love and care. So, well, you need to love your mother back – there’s a lot of love we don’t give.

My mum was the beauty queen of her college – she had all the trendy, fashionable clothes, was known for her impeccable style. And when I was born, she stopped caring about what she looked like and what clothes she wore, all she could care about is how her little girl looked. She would buy me new baby dresses, shoes, hats because she wanted her little baby girl to look pretty, and skimped on herself, dressing only in cheap wholesale t shirts.

And well, it’s hard for me to see how can our beloved mothers be so selfless. It’s hard to write about fashion for mums. Now I am a mum myself, and I see that mothers don’t really need any clothes or accessories to look pretty! The pure souls are always beautiful, as my mum used to say. That’s why I also try to be the best mum in gratitude of my own mother, hoping that my children will follow.

What is a capsule wardrobe trend?

The modern life is way too cluttered. I looked at my collection of toys and electronic gadgets recently. Why the hell do I have a USB keyboard when I switched to laptops and tablets? Why do I have a box for a board game that’s incomplete and I no longer play it with my kids? Throw this away. And the minimalism should be present in fashion – hence the trend for the capsule wardrobe. It’s a collection of about 30 pieces that should ensure the convenience and won’t clutter your closet like a warehouse full of blouses wholesale!

If you want to purge your wardrobe, empty it in a room, and consider each and every item. If it’s damaged, throw it away or donate to charity. If it’s too small, too big, not tailored right, donate it to charity. If it’s now tragically unfashionable… Have no mercy!blouses wholesale

Separate remaining clothes into the following categories: Tops (including dresses), Bottoms, Jumpers and Jackets, Underwear, Shoes, Other.

Tops should contain: tank tops, t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, a couple of office button-down shirts, a fancy colorful shirt, a couple of generic tops, a summer dress, an elegant evening dress, a cocktail dress, and of course an LBD. You don’t need to order dozens of blouses wholesale now.

In the bottom drawer put: A dark suit, a pair of jeans or two, a pair of elegant jeans, two pairs of work trousers, a dressy pair of pants, a smart black skirt.

And depending on the climate, put these in the place where you live: a generic winter sweater, a couple of delicate cardigans, a blazer or suit jacket for work, an oversized hoodie, and weather-appropriate overcoats.

You should have at least ten underwear sets: knickers, bras and one or two sports bras, tights, pantyhose, and sets of socks, both short and long.

Shoes: a pair of good pumps, classier heels, comfy work flats, a pair of sports shoes and one sturdier pair of shoes for hiking etc. Add a pair or two of boots or sandals depending on the weather.

Others include scarves, hats and berets, jewelry, and handbags. Start with three handbags and a fancy clutch.

This is a bare minimal set that should be enough for you to live with.

Black Friday is coming!!!

wholesale pantiesIn America, there is a very popular holiday called Thanksgiving. Like Christmas in many countries, it’s a festival of family gathering, meeting each year, and eating together. It’s basically a free day, but very busy for moms and hosts! And unlike Christmas or Rosh Hashanah it’s not a religious festival, so it’s a quintessentially American holiday. The problem is, it’s on Thursday. And this holiday marks the start of Christmas shopping season, so for instance lingerie shops have to stock up on wholesale panties even before the holiday.

So many shops are closed on Thursday and Sunday and a lot have relaxed shopping hours on Saturday… and so if you want to do some shopping, you do it Friday. A lot of store employees take a day off, and for these who do work this means major stress, and so it’s called Black Friday. But I’ve also heard that the store owners stopped being in the red and start being in the black. Anyway, this Black Friday means longer opening hours (some stores open as early as 5 AM!), huge discounts, bargains, and offers. You can buy thongs at the price of wholesale panties for instance. Black Friday is insane for all shoppers, there are even some stampedes when a large bargain is announced! And since a lot of people take a day off, you can devote an entire day for shopping.

But you don’t want to overspend. If you see a lot of bargains – 80% off – you might be tempted to buy things you don’t need. Make a list. I personally make a list of things I need, then a list of things I might buy, and also reserve $20-30 for impulse buys and nothing more. Well, maybe a snack if I get hungry. It might be tempting to swipe my card whenever I want to buy the thing, but Black Friday might drive me crazy!

Even if you don’t live in America, you can find great deals – many retailers share discounts all over the world, and a lot of them also introduce Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving when people return to work… and buy things on-line using the better workplace internet connection! So this year even if you aren’t American look at your favorite shopping websites – and things like music, e-books, movies or video games might be cheaper to download on that one day! If you want to, you could order wholesale panties from US or other English-speaking countries.

Why wear white in winter wonderland

wholesale blousesIn America, there’s a saying “Never wear white after Labor Day” – which in the USA means early September. White is indeed a difficult color to wear but you can handle it. Some women manage to look stunning in an all-white outfit, not only at their wedding. You can use it to soften your look, to look more daring… your options are endless, also during the winter. Stores buy white clothes of all sorts – wholesale blouses, pants, dresses…

White is the color that reflects sun rays and the heat the most. This makes it most appropriate color for summer dresses. The bright sun will give your sun the perfect glow, and your white clothes will sparkle even more. Pick white linen or cotton dresses for the summer time, you can even try white blazers or wholesale blouses.

Wool or even cashmere can also be dyed white, and they will be great for winter, especially if contrasting with dark pieces. Thick white jeans or a warm white parka work great in wintertime, but if the winter is snowy, you will look a bit confusing.

wholesale blousesYou can decide to wear a monochromatic outfit. That’s fine, but at least try to vary it up, using various materials and decorations – shiny white silken shirt could look better with white leather pants. Vary it up with embroidery, patterns and textures. You can also vary it up with bold prints – your outfit will still be mostly white and pristine, but the pattern will vary it up and add a splash. Use metallic accessories to appear more sleek and subtle as well. And a single splash of color can radically change the monochromatic look – a red scarf or belt will change the white dress into a modern outfit.

You can also layer white for great contrast with the outfit, like dark shoes and tops with a pair of white jeans. Or maybe you want to add some neutral colors, like grays or peach – they won’t break the white feel.