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Secrets of cashmere maintenance

My friend Drake has recently inherited an entire wardrobe of sweaters of all types: mohair, angora, lambswool and cashmere from his grandparents. He was elated. And the clothes moths were delighted with their newfound freedom. One airing of the wardrobe later, some cedar balls and desperate salvage of a couple of sweaters, he turned to me for some tips on how to care for the sweaters. Now, I’m not a men’s sweaters wholesaler but I know a thing a two about washing cashmere sweaters. And now, you can learn them too.

men's sweaters wholesalerCashmere can be machine washed – but it doesn’t mean it should. There’s always a possibility that the next wash will be the last one. Instead of using a washing powder, pick some delicate detergent – dedicated to delicate wool, like Perwoll. Look for one recommended by your men’s sweaters wholesaler. You can use baby shampoo as well. Add some white vinegar to the rinse.

To wash your sweater add just a couple of drops of your detergent to an entire basin of clean cold water. Massage the soapy water into the sweater, remembering to preserve its shape and texture. Let it soak the water for about ten minutes. Empty the sink, rinse (also massaging) and rinse again. To the penultimate rinse, you can add a cup of white vinegar, then rinse with cold water again. You shouldn’t wring your cashmere, guys – lay it out in the bathtub and gently squeeze the water out. Blot it out using a beach towel – you can roll the sweater in the sandwich, sushi-style!

Do not machine dry cashmere, instead, air dry it – but do not hang it on a clothes hanger! Drake’s grandpa did, and now it’s an oversized sweater. Instead, let it dry on a rack topside up, somewhere away from direct sunlight and heat. That’s right, the sun can also damage your cashmere, and can cause the colors to fade.