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What I’ve been thinking when going on a basketball game…

Last night, I went to a local team basketball game. These games are my favourite because there’s less violence than among the football or soccer hooligans. There was a sea of red shirts with screen-printed designs on either end of the court, and I spotted more than one purple shirt wholesale. Fans came out in droves, dressed up in jerseys and hoodies, sports jackets, golf polos with small left chest prints, jackets with massive printing, hoodies with embroidered letters or their names, long sleeved t-shirts with unusual prints, sweatpants with logos on the leg or backside… whatever article of clothing you can put the college logo on. It’s fun to see so many people all dressed up and excited about the same thing! The banter between the student sections was so much fun to listen to.

shirt wholesaleBefore the game started both teams were warming up. I observed the crowd and started to analyse who prints on this or that shirt wholesale and embroiders all that stuff. There must be some money in it, I just know! I wondered if they had multiple machines dealing with embroidery or whether a dude sat there and did all the applique and 3D embroidery by hand. As a professional, I couldn’t help but wonder about the digital printing on a shirt wholesale and the colour processes that goes into all the t shirts or if workers sat there with transfers and a machine and did all the work.

Then and the game started, I quit daydreaming and started to watch basketball. It was close, too close for my liking when rooting for my team. The student section was swinging their bandannas and throwing their hats around trying to get the team pumped up. The score stayed close all of the first half and most of the second. People were screaming and jumping and got really excited. Then, just like that, the other team pulled ahead with 10 seconds left. No time for my team to make a comeback. We lost.