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What’s so great about sleeveless wholesale sweaters?

A sweater vest or sleeveless sweater is a knitted piece of clothing that looks like a sweater without sleeves. The producers of wholesale sweaters offer these vests as well. They came into fashion in the 1970s but may have been invented earlier and have been around ever since. It’s a versatile piece of clothing usually worn in casual occasions and has become part of the school and sports uniforms. These sweaters have also become popular with students as well as office workers. They give the wearer a modern and sophisticated appearance and really function as wholesale sweaters without sleeves.

Sweater vests are stylish – they first came in style in the early seventies. Though not very popular afterwards, they never went out of style and kept many people looking good, sophisticated or casual. These days, these wholesale sweaters look nebbish, but can also be very preppy. Golfers and bowlers continue to wear sweater vests during games and female office workers in colder parts of the office wear sweater vests for women for warmth and to look good at the same time. Sweater vests are available in stylish patterns like argyle, stripes and plaid. Sweater vests for women are currently making a comeback in the fashion scene.

wholesale sweatersSweater vests are warm – Depending on the material, sweater vests can add additional warmth to clothing. They can be made from various warm materials like cotton, wool and polyester. And of course, cashmere sweaters are also popular – though wholesale sweaters made of that fabric don’t always sell well. Usually worn over tucked long-sleeved shirts or tucked long-sleeved blouses, they provide additional warmth in air-conditioned parts of the office or during cold weather but without being too obvious.

Sweater vests for women are versatile – sweater vests can be used for various purposes. They can be used as complements for school uniforms. Sweater vests are popular additions to school uniforms in Asian countries like Japan and Korea. Sweater vests are also traditional sports garments for bowling, golf and cricket.