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Crucial terms in the fashion business – cuts and styles

In the fashion business, there are some interesting terms you should know if you want to make a living in this business. Whether you’re selling wholesale t shirts or furs, you need to learn these crucial industrial terms.

C.B.L is short for the centre back line. It is the imaginary straight line through the middle of the body in the back part of a shirt or jacket. It shows symmetry in the garment – use it to create slits and other comfortable cuts even on the wholesale t shirts.

The opposite of the CBL is the C.F.L. This means centre front line. This line starts from the collar, runs to the bottom hem and goes through the middle of the front part of a shirt. In some jackets, this shows the zipper, but some tilt it slightly to the left or the right.

In the pre-made clothes business, the crutch point is the point, where the two inner seams of a specific garment are joined together.

A dummy or a mannequin is a copy of a human body, usually made of wood, plastic or sometimes plaster. Tailors use them to check how well the garments fit, and of course, many store owners use the dummies to display their wholesale t shirts as if they are worn. Some window dressing designers create interesting displays using mannequins.

wholesale t shirtsEpaulette or epaulet is a sharp line on the shoulder of overcoats, jackets, and similar tops. For most people, epaulettes are decorations of the uniform, but here, we mean the seam that would go under these. They are used in the tailoring to protect the unwanted stretching of the shoulder point.

Grading is the process of blending patterns. A small pattern needs to adjust to a larger one that’s dominating and vice versa.

If you’ve seen patterns of clothing, they have small arrows drawn on them. These are grain lines, they indicate what’s the grain of the fabric. You shouldn’t in general go against the grain in a single garment.