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Be the lady in red – try out red wholesale trousers

TV stars, such as Jessica Alba or Sarah Jessica Parker packed up their classic jeans and launched a new outfit, the “lady in red”, reinvented with the help of a pair of vibrant red pants. From scarlet to burgundy, red is the “star” of this summer. All the producers offer wholesale trousers in this vibrant colour.

Red wholesale trousers, especially denim ones, are so versatile, that they could be worn in other seasons as well. Therefore, if you decide to buy such a clothing article, your investment will be long-lasting. Such an outfit can be adopted in your daily schedule and they fit just right at other events and occasions. Because they are so bold, many women opt in for darker colours for their wholesale trousers, although they shouldn’t. They make you look younger and modern.

wholesale trousersThe only thing you should take into consideration before buying these pants is that you need a pair that fits your body structure. Pay attention to your size, body shape and find the right material and length for you. You can choose among skinny jeans, Capri pants, silk pants and other wholesale trousers – the only important aspect is their cut. You certainly need something to make you look good and hide your flaws. Because red is a colour that has a visual impact on everybody, try choosing a comfortable model, not the one that is very trendy, because its colour is the one that completes your outfit.

Wearing these bright red wholesale trousers you can adopt any style, office, casual, sport; all you need to do is to combine it with the right footwear and an appropriate top. For an office look, you could match your blazing red pants with a grey shirt, black belt, black tie and nude shoes. It looks really amazing and trendy.

wholesale trousers

Dressing up for job interview

We all need to be prepared for the forthcoming job interviews. We might not like it, but our reception relies on our gender and appearance. The general expectations of attire are naturally quite different between men and women, and so there are some concerns women must face in particular. Often in many workplaces, short skirts are frowned upon, so you should opt for a loose dress, wholesale trousers, or a longer skirt. At work, you should also avoid wearing fishnet stockings, or patterned hosiery. The simple option is neutral color hosiery matching the dress or skirt worn.

wholesale trousersRemember that the heavy makeup and long painted fingernails are usually a bad idea. Instead, keep in mind this is a job interview, not a beauty pageant. Avoid overloading on perfumes or other scents, they can’t conduct an interview if they can barely breathe!

Remember to dress simply in conservative style – a formal pair of business wholesale trousers coupled with a crisp cotton blouse and blazer will make the interviewer consider you to be taken seriously.

And if you’re a man, you also need to make a great first impression, and the right appearance will doubtlessly help it. Men, in general, make some basic fashion errors that send a negative message to the interviewer. A classic error is mismatched socks or a belt that will clash with the shoes and socks. Speaking of shoes, pick loafers or oxfords, not sneakers, hiking boots, sandals.

Like with the ladies, stay conservative. Remember that your clothes might be in various colors, but they need to be fitted. Wholesale trousers that are too baggy, too tight, or too short will only look unprofessional. Pick a nice pair of casual dress trousers that are tailored and form fitting. Never cone to your interview wearing jeans – dark trousers are okay, but never blue ones.

wholesale trousers

Fashion for teens and moms!

If you are looking for fashionable teen clothes but not having any luck then the fashion mom is here to help. The mistake that most parents make when looking for is that they do not realize what their kids truly want. The unfortunate thing is more than likely your kids have no idea what they want either. You can look for great leather jackets or wholesale trousers online only to discover they’re passe now. You try to find good quality clothes that make sense, but you really have no idea whether or not your teen will like it. Buying clothes for teens can be one of the most complicated and frustrating things you can do, but it does not have to be.

How To Get Teen Fashion That Makes Sense And Is Easy

wholesale trousersThe first thing I would stay completely away from, and you may find this surprising, is getting your kid to wear wholesale trousers you get them. Instead, I would focus on fashionable accessories like purses, watches, shoes and the like. You child is much more likely to appreciate a small accessory than a full outfit. Plus accessories are easy to exchange. One such item that has worked well for me were nice belts. They go great with retail and wholesale trousers and can distinguish the wearer.

This belt can be an extension of your daughter’s personality. A vivid, feminine cord belt can show a cheerful and outgoing side, whereas a chunky metal design can show strength and maturity. The best bet would be to go out and shop for this accessory for wholesale trousers with your daughter so that you can be sure that she gets what she wants.

This brings me to the next option you have for making your child happy. You could get her a gift card to a fashionable store and go to pick out the clothes with her. This can be a great bonding experience for you and your daughter. By letting her take the lead and pick the clothes she wants, from elegant blouses to wholesale trousers, you are helping her to grow up and move into becoming a grown woman.

As you can see getting clothes for your teenage daughter is complicated. My two suggestions for making this experience easy and fun are to one – get your daughter something that she can use in multiple outfits that are not just one single thing. Two – take her with you to do the shopping so you can share in the fun.

Measuring pants!

wholesale trousers

I dislike buying clothes online. Sure, there’s a practically unlimited variety of clothes out there, but I prefer to get clothes I can try on and walk around for a while. But the price is sometimes so low and they look so good on the pictures that I get tempted. Even wholesale trousers on business sites look good! That’s why I decided to learn how to size a pair of jeans and measure my own appearance. I have always thought that the clothes need to be comfortable first, good for weather second and pretty – at the close third.

To measure a pair of jeans lay them on a flat work space. Most of the measurements you need to make are the easiest if you lay them down flat. Smooth out any folds, zip the pants and button them up – you need exact measurements.

Waist size

Waist size is the distance between the left side to the right side of the waist, doubled. If your waistband is elastic, don’t stretch it. Some jeans are intended to fit somewhat below your natural waist (low rise) so keep that in mind when measuring yourself.

Thigh size

Measure the things 2 inches/5 cm below the crotch seam – the point where the two legs meet. Go down from it about 5 cm, and measure it horizontally. Double it. This is the thigh measurement.

Inseam size

You might want to use a tape measure for that one. Stretch it from the crotch seam down to the cuff – the bottom of the leg. Do not double this one.

clothing-650372_1920Front rise

Front rise is the distance between the crotch seam to the middle of the waistline. Remember to stretch out your pants so that the upper part is nice, tight and flat. Again, do not double this number. If you’re a very curvy woman, with a nice bottom, you can also measure your rear or back rise – the similar distance on the back.

Other measurements

In general, you need the four measurements above to find a fitting pair of jeans, but if you need more precise information, you can measure the pants in the point the knees would bend, the width of the seat, or hemline of the bottom of the leg. Few sellers of wholesale trousers bother to take care of these.

Measure yourself

If you have measured up the pants you’re waiting for, now it’s the time to measure yourself – in the parts of the body where you measured the pants.

To get your waist measurement, wrap the tape around your waist – and if you’re not sure how to find it, bend to one side – the waist is where your body creases. Similarly, measure the fullest point on your thigh, the distance from your crotch to your ankle (the inseam) – and boys, remember to be a bit looser for this one. And finally, measure the distance from your crotch to a belly button.  Women would do good if they also measured the largest width of their hips.

You could use a sizing table to adjust your size – but I seldom do it, instead preferring to ask the retailer or dealer of wholesale trousers about the size of the clothes.