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wholesale womens sweaters

A couple of words on the traditional Aran pattern sweaters

A cable knit sweater is knitted using a cable pattern. The patterns look like braided or twisted ropes and come in a wide range of designs. People of Ireland used to knit these sweaters by hands but now these sweaters are being knitted on machines, which help produce more attractive wholesale womens sweaters.

Aran Island in Ireland is famous all over the world for its exclusive cable knit sweaters. Originally, cable knit sweaters were made using unwashed wool. There were lanolin oils found in unwashed wool and this would make the sweaters waterproof. Although many machine-made wholesale womens sweaters are made with washed wool, they are somewhat water resistant and if wet, they provide warmth to the wearer. Other than wool, cable knit sweaters are available in cotton and other materials as well.

These days, several knitting techniques are being used to make cable knit wholesale womens sweaters. From cardigans to crew-necks, they come in different styles. Initially, the only colour considered for these sweaters was beige or cream, but since the times are changing and so do the current fashion trends, they are now available in various colours.

wholesale womens sweatersGenerally, there is a couple of myths associated with cable knit sweaters. For instance, some people are convinced that the various Irish clans and local cultures or subcultures having their business in Ireland have a completely different pattern set of cable knit sweaters. Although this is certainly not true, some cable knit sweaters do have patterns that boast of some local or regional affiliation.

Due to modern machines, it has become possible to make beautiful patterns in cable-knit sweaters because now most wholesale womens sweaters are produced using the machines. Some knitters still make hand-made sweaters but they are very expensive because of the time involved in making them. Since it is not possible to make intricate designs on machines, machine made sweaters usually come with simple patterns.


wholesale womens sweaters

Winter essentials for moms and fashionistas

Hello, darlings! Christmas might be over, but winter doesn’t have to be such a depressing time of year! Just get a couple of elegant winter essentials, and you’ll discover that you’re looking forward to the cold grip of winter as an excuse to bundle up in style. Whether you’re a fashionista like me or a retailer looking for wholesale womens sweaters, you should prepare for the winter wonderland.

http://fashfactory.com/women/cardigans-and-sweatersConsider the coats. A good, warm, figure hugging coat is one of my wardrobe essentials (much like wholesale womens sweaters), and I am dedicated not to skimp on it. Of course, they need to be practical, and keep you warm and dry – but darn, I want to look fabulous during the winter! Especially since you have to wear the coat practically every day. What should you consider? Well, I’m a big fan of camel hair coats – especially in more visible colors than black or gray. Try having a nice mustard yellow or toned dark red one. And add a synthetic winter jacket for really cold days!

Some other relevant essentials are accessories like scarves, hats, and gloves. Boutiques should have dozens of them, right next to wholesale womens sweaters. You can, too, add a couple of playful accessories to your wardrobe – pom-poms, fringes, cute colorful bits, I simply love these!

And of course, winter boots. I have to admit, I love boots during all seasons, but I’ve fallen one time too many to ignore the necessity of tough stable soles. I save stiletto heels for trips between my car and office and put on rugged, chunky boots for longer shopping sessions.  Grab a pair of thick, woolen socks while you’re at it.

But the most pleasurable thing about winter is the opportunity to snuggle into a sweater on the cold, blustery winter days. There are plenty of wholesale womens sweaters on the market, from merino wool to cashmere ones which will be perfect for work. There are plenty of cuts from nice cardigans to tasteful pullovers to match you perfectly!

wholesale womens sweaters

Should busty women wear tight tops?

A luxurious cashmere sweater is a great fashion investment since it will last for a long time. I still wear the cashmere sweater my mom bought me when I turned 18 and it is still delicate and comfortable. Real cashmere wool will become better and softer with time if you properly care about it. It’s expensive and you can’t find wholesale womens sweaters like this in your warehouse.

wholesale womens sweatersHowever, I have a problem with my tops and wholesale womens sweaters. I am, to put it short, a big girl. I’m not gonna lie, I like it when men compliment me on my bust, but it’s just impractical. It’s also hard to find clothes that both accommodate my large chest and fit the rest of my wardrobe. For dresses, for example, I pick A-line and more fit bottoms. And for the top, I like elastic fabrics which adjust to my silhouette, like cashmere. What I love about my cashmere sweater is that it basically grew with me.

And I care about my sweater. My mom forced me to swear that I will hand wash it cold, using a baby shampoo, and dry it spread flat on a dry towel. It shouldn’t be twisted or left to hang on a hanger – but needs to be folded flat in the clothes closet, because otherwise, it might lose its elasticity. I put it in a paper bag for the summer with a couple of lavender-scented pills to protect it from the clothes moths. Many good quality cashmere sweaters use are made by hand, by the traditional Indian craftspeople, and thus the garment is denser, more durable. It’s hard to find wholesale womens sweaters like this. But as an effect, cashmere is far better than wool, softer and more luxurious. Which is why I simply love it!

The sweater fits me snugly, and while it still feels slightly oversized, it now outlines my silhouette. To balance out my large upper body,  I like to wear boyfriend jeans or sweatpants with low waist. This creates a casual effect and I don’t resemble a balloon that’s just about to float away.

Lovely winter clothes for kids

wholesale womens sweaters It’s this time of the year, where we pull out our winter wear from the closet and examine it carefully. And if you happen to have kids then it’s very likely that the tots have already outgrown their last years’ winter wear. An average parent sighs and marches to the store (after, naturally, calling their family and friends for second-hand clothes), to purchase clothes for kids and wholesale womens sweaters for herself. But when buying the clothes for your kids, look at whether they’re trendy and look good. Kids can bully others for any reason, and “ugly clothes” can really be annoying when trying to make that snowman.

Look at warm sweaters and chunky knitted cardigans in various colors. They’re comfortable, warm, and look great. Remember to teach your kids to layer winter clothes – and outside of a cardigan or a sweater toss on a coat or a jacket. An unexpected hit among the preschoolers and elementary schoolchildren are military-style jackets – they’re also practical when the kids play outside. You might also want to try parkas and duffle coats. Eventually, they will shop for wholesale womens sweaters and coats themselves, but right now it’s your duty as a parent.

And of course remember that the extremities are the most vulnerable to hypothermia – bundle up your kids in hats, gloves, and scarves. They are available for kids in bright, wonderful colors or in neutrals grays or blacks. You kid can pick up woolen beanies, fake fur Russian-style hats or synthetic hats styled like their favorite cartoon characters. Mittens, however, should be worn only by preschoolers. The general rule is – if your kid can write, he should wear proper gloves. Many kids like to wear colorful scarves, but a lot of them lose the scarves easily. Consider snoods – they can be worn as hats as well!

For the bottoms, chose layers – even boys should wear winter tights or leggings under their jeans. Alternatively, pick double-layered pants for winter. And pick good thick fur-lined boots that provide your kid with a lot of traction when playing outdoors!